On June 4 investigators seized 28 live animals and 25 dead dogs from an unlicensed kennel throughout the property at 12952 Truman Road and Mitchell Nelson Loganbill, 27, was finally charged on August 1 with animal abuse and violating provisions regarding disposal of dead animals. Both are misdemeanor offenses.

One of the most horrifying aspects of this case is that when the feces of the living dogs were examined, it revealed fur leading investigators to believe to dogs were so hungry that they were forced to eat their dead companions, many of whom were locked in the cages and crates with them as their bodies decomposed.

Morgan County Sheriff Jim Petty said most of the animals lacked proper food and water and that the dead animals were left where they had died, several still in kennels with live animals. One kennel, he said, had two animals rotted down to the bones.

Ok, this guy was a licensed breeder, he let his license expire so he just figures he’s let the dogs die?!? And 25 dead dogs later he’s charged with a misdemeanor? There is something seriously wrong here!! How does someone let living creatures, 25 dogs, die such a cruel and heinous death and only be charged with a misdemeanor?? What the hell is wrong with people… both this piece of trash, Mitchell Nelson Loganbill, and the judicial system that lets someone get away with this??

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