Update 3/24/09 – Now This is a Victory

Update 2/16/09 – Update on Victory, Pitbull Who Had Her Ears Cut Completely Off

Sadly, another abused dog and again it’s a pitbull.  Victory, as she has been named, was found wandering on Stadium Drive in Kansas City, MO, mutilated and bleeding, her ears cruelly cut completely off.

Amy Nash, vice president of the rescue group Missouri Pitbull Rescue, said some people crop pit bulls’ ears to breed them for fighting. But Nash said this doesn’t appear to be a botched crop job. She said this dog was butchered.

“I haven’t seen something quite this bad before,” Nash said. “Somebody had cut off her ears. Just cut them down to nothing. We’ve never seen a dog with literally no ears like that before.”

Even sadder, it’s highly unlikely that the vicious scum that did this to this sweet girl will ever be found and prosecuted. We can only hope that Victory will heal and find a loving family that she so deserves!

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