Stories like this make me beyond angry! The pathetic excuses for human beings who do this should be forced to feel the teeth of the dogs they train!

A greyhound/labrador mix dog that was found last Thursday on Route 10 in Denville, New Jersey is thought to have been used as ‘bait’ to train fighting dogs. He was covered with over 50 new and old bite marks all over his body.

“They use these submissive dogs for fighting dogs to practice with. Because these dogs won’t fight back, it allows the fighting dogs to be more aggressive,” said Lt. Chris Wagner of the Denville police.

The dog was treated by the Animal Clinic of Morris Plains and released today, police said.

Anyone with information can call Petrillo at (973) 625-8300, ext. 265. Callers may remain anonymous, police said. (The Star Ledger)

And one of the saddest things is that the dogs on both sides of the chain are innocent victims! the dogs who are trained to fight only have a short cruel life to look forward to.

This bloodsport has been making a resurgence due to the glamorization by sports and entertainment figures and by gangs. The legal system has to make the laws against this heinous crime so tough and stringent that they really work because the usual ‘slap on the wrist’ mentality against animal abusers just doesn’t cut it!

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