A boxer, named Winston, severely burned along his back has survived In July there was a horrible series of burned dogs. Five dogs were burned with acid near 51st Street and Lewis Avenue. Two of the dogs died, one from the injuries and another from being hit, three others survived.

Winston, one of the survivors, was only a six month old Boxer puppy at the time and there have been some drastic changes in his life since then.

Tulsa Boxer Rescue cared for Winston after he was brought into the Tulsa Animal shelter injured. They brought him back to health and set him up with a foster family until he was ready to be adopted into a forever home.

Well, it looks like he won’t be looking any further.

At first, “we weren’t looking to adopt a dog,” Lisa Lewis, a mother of four children, said.

“What have I gotten myself into?” she asked herself.

Later, she changed her mind after thinking about how Winston was mistreated and how he might no longer trust people.

“We couldn’t give him up,” Lewis said.

When Lisa’s daughter, Amanda Fabian, was celebrating her 16th birthday, she was given a framed transfer of ownership certificate to the dog who had become her roommate.

“Winston sleeps in my room,” she said. “He often jumps on my bed.”

Lewis said she and Fabian apply a cream to Winston’s back daily to help his burns continue healing.

“It keeps us busy and requires a lot of time,” Lewis said.

But Winston’s new family said the scars, in a spider web pattern, also make him distinct.

Fabian said,“We have nicknamed him ‘Spider dog.’”

Unfortunately Tulsa police are still looking for the person or persons who committed such cruelties against these innocent dogs but for Winston, fate has conspired to give him a wonderful second chance with his new family!

Don’t you just love happy endings? 😀

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