The Hunte Corporation is hosting a conference for its “breeders” this coming September. The keynote speaker is a man who considers himself “America’s Dog Whisperer”, Mark German. His appearance is sponsored by Nutri Source dog food and the overall conference is sponsored by Royal Canin dog food.

It should be noted that Royal Canin is owned by the Mars Corp, who also manufactures the following Brands: Pet Foods- Sheba, Cesar, Wiskas, Pedigree Candy Brands- Starburst, Snickers, Dove, Twix, Mars, M&M, Skittles Food Brands-Uncle Ben’s & Flavia Drink Mixes. The Royal Canin published “belief” is as follows: Belief in our values and the signature of our brand : « Knowledge and Respect ». A signature which demonstrates our continual will to always understand better the nutritional needs of dogs and cats, in true respect of their animal nature.


As of late yesterday, an email was received from Mark German stating that he has withdrawn from the conference as he did not know about the Hunte Corp’s reputation. If you write him, please thank him for doing the right thing! Mark can be contacted at Mark German’s contact page.


The remaining sponsors have not yet initiated the same responsible actions as Mark German. Please contact these organizations and let them know (politely but firmly) that you will not promote or buy from companies that support the puppy mill industry. A simple email can go a long way.

Nutri Source contact page. Katie Riopel (KTK9), is the spokesperson for Nutri Source Dog Food on her local radio program. She is pro-rescue and may not be aware of Hunte’s connection to puppymills. Her contact information is

Royal Canin contact page


The Hunte Corporation is the largest puppy dealer in the U.S., selling 90,000 puppies every year to retail pet stores. Located in Missouri, the corporation’s facility receives puppies from independent, USDA-licensed breeders and then resells them to pet stores across the country. Hunte has been repeatedly quoted that by running the largest puppy-selling business in the country, he is following “God’s plan,” and is providing quality pets to families. Their motto is “Hunte: Doing What’s Right”. In case you missed the story in Tulsa WorldCLICK HERE 


Steve Rook (Hunte’s president) is also married to Hunte’s daughter, Jessica, and part of Hunte’s practice of creating companies behind other companies. Like JessAnd (Jessica/Andrew) and JesStevAnd and JesSteve…all incorporated in Missouri and at different times, owners of the Petlands in the Kansas City area, Joplin and the new Springfield Missouri Petland.

Mr. Hunte owns 18 companies, according to the Missouri Secretary of State. They include:

1. Find My Perfect Puppy, Inc.
2. Hunte Kennel Systems and Animal Care, Inc.
3. My Little Puppy, Inc.
4. Jessica Hunte, Inc. (Steve Rook and Jessica Rook (formerly Hunte))
5. Paws Veterinary Clinic, Inc. (Formerly Kenton Beard Veterinary Clinic). Andrew Hunte is president.
6. The Puppy Corner, Inc.
7. World of Pups, Inc. (dissolved 7/2006)
8. Jessand, Inc. (Jessica and Andrew Hunte)
9. Jessteve, Inc. (Jessica and Steve Rook, and Andrew Hunte – 13 Wildwood Dr. in Joplin, Hunte’s house) “To conduct business as a pet store”
10. Jessteveand, Inc. (Jessica and Steve Rook, Andrew Hunte) Just formed 6/28/07 Article of Inc. state “to conduct business as a retail pet store.” (See Petland-Springfield below)
11. Pet Financing, Inc. (Andrew Hunte and JB Hunt are the Board of Directors)
12. Hunte Delivery System – Fictious Name
13. Hunte Delivery System, Inc.
14. H & H Pets (fictious name)
15. The Hunte Corporation
16. The Hunte Benevolence Ministry, Inc. (non profit)
17. Petland (fictous name) Jessica Hunte (Hunte. Corp. address)
18. Petland – Springfield (ficticious name) Created 6/28/07 – JesSteveAnd, Inc. 13 Wildwood Dr. Joplin. 100% owners.

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