A few days ago I told you about Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue in Miami, FL that was being evicted from their home.  They have until August 31 to find homes for about 130 dogs, many of whom have been at Sabbath since they have been rescued from death row or as strays or surrendered.  Many who were deemed unadoptable because of issues but who have now calmed down and settled into their life and home. Many who are old or sick.  These dogs are societies’ castoffs, unwanted and taken in by Sabbath Rescue.

Sabbath has been at this remote FL location for a number or years and although animal control has been out there previously, no mention was ever made of them needing a kennel license but everything changed in April when four county police officers, three Animal Services investigators and an Animal Planet video crew showed up at the shelter’s gate following up on an anonymous complaint about dogs fighting.

Although they scoured the Rescue with a fine-toothed comb they found no problems with anything except for a few dogs that didn’t appear to be in great condition which they reported to animal services. Kind of tough when you have over 100 dogs and new ones in and out all the time, new ones that come in tend to look rather poor until they get the care they need! Then they asked Sabbath Rescue founder, Robbie Coy, for the kennel license. Coy who has never needed one, didn’t even know he needed one, couldn’t produce one. He was cited for not having the $100 license as was the owner of the property, CJM Investment Group, which rents the property to Coy for $450 a month.

Five days later another anonymous complaint. Then a zoning issue. The citation is sent to an old address for CJM and by the time the $265 citation finally caught up the CMJ, it had went into collections and a $5000 lien was put on the property.

Dr. Sara Pizano, Miami-Dade Animal Services director, says the the accrual will be removed as soon as the $265 citation is paid and the property is brought into compliance… when Sabbath Rescue is evicted! One of the principals of CJM, Miguel Chamah, has decline to seek to have the property rezoned because the process is expensive and complicated, involving public hearings, government red tape and the loss of his agricultural tax exemption, among other reasons.

It’s reported that attorneys for both sides are working on an extension and even Dr. Pizano is in favor of this. Miami Mayor, Carlos Alvarez, says he’s not empowered to provide a waiver of the zoning restrictions. The land is zoned agricultural/residential — fine for farm animals but not for more than eight dogs.

To be honest, it sounds like there’s a lot of political BS going on here. This rescue is basically out in the “boonies,” a nine acres piece of land on the edge of the Everglades. Coy has given up his life to devote to those that society has deemed worthless and useless.  He adopts out the dogs that he can but many are basically permanent residents there.  He’s dumped about $100K into the property and it’s not much, not pretty or fancy but he has people who help care for the dogs.  You can watch the video below and see that the dogs seem happy and well cared for and yes, they seem loved and seem to love back.  Wagging tails everywhere you look.

I am asking everyone for help right now! There are dogs that need to be placed; in homes, in fosters, in other rescues.  If the dogs wound up in the local shelter, they will face almost certain death.  I would ask anyone and everyone who has contacts in the rescue community to please put the word out!

Below is a petition asking Miami-Dade County to give Sabbath and extension before forcing a shut down of the rescue. Please sign and share. We need all the signatures we can get ASAP!! Time is very short right now!


Watch the video below, listen to Robbie Coy, the founder of Sabbath, listen to his love and passion. Look at the dogs, cared for, tails wagging. It’s a damn shame the this rescue is being evicted! After years in this spot and all the money that’s been poured into it, money that couldn’t be spared… and now what? Where are they going to go? If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to pass them along!

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