Jenny, border collie, adopted after waiting 11 years Jenny was found as a year old puppy, tied to a lamp post in 1997 and since then she has resided at Gables Farm Dog’s and Cat’s Home in the UK. Eleven years of waiting for a loving family and forever home to call her own.

Initially shy and somewhat aggressive, she put people off and by the time she settled in as an adult dog, everyone was wanting puppies so Jenny got passed over again and again. She the longest-staying resident in the Plymouth centre’s 101 year history but now Jenny finally has a home and a family.

New owners Pat and Mary Caffrey, from Paignton, Devon, were moved by Jenny’s story when they looked at the Gables website and decided to go and meet her face to face.

Mr Caffrey, 59, a retired engineer, said: “We read her story and we thought ‘ah look at that’ about her being tied to the lamp post and being there so long.”

And recalling the moment he and his wife fell in love with hitherto unwanted dog, he added: “When I looked at her and she barked at me.

“We walked around and saw the others and we walked back to her, looked at her, looked at each other and said: ‘Yeah, we’ll take her on.’Jenny with her new 'mom'

“We’ve always had dogs and we lost our previous dog, Gemma, in August last year and it was the first time in 20 years that we had been without a dog.

“We’d had a good few months without a dog and it just wasn’t the some.

“We always get rescue dogs and the puppies are great they will always find a home, but the older dogs are not always as fortunate as that.”

The previous record for life in a dog home was held by 12-year-old border collie Errol which spent 10 years in kennels in Wickford, Essex, before finally being rehomed in January this year.

Katie Barkell, from the home said: “She was here for such a long time, she was part of the family.

Jenny, happy in her new home“We were established in 1907, we are 101 years old, and she is the resident that has been with us the longest in our history. The previous record was six years.

“When she came in she was very nervous.

“I think that she acted a big aggressively.

“It took a while to get her trust and by the time she had settled in, people were put off by her age.

“She has a few old age problems but the new owner were not put off by that.

“They picked her straight away.

“They were looking for an old dog that was in need of a new home.”

Tony Harris, General Manager said: “We are all overjoyed that Jenny has found a new home to call her own after living with us for such a long time.

“It was fantastic to see her jump into the car without as much as a backward glance.”

Since living with her new owners Jenny has been on lots of adventures, and enjoys running on the local beach, chasing her ball and splashing in the water.

Gables Farm Dogs’ and Cats’ Home is Plymouth’s oldest animal welfare charity and has a strict non-euthanasia policy.

Staff said that Jenny’s story proves that they never give up hope of finding a loving new home for an animal.

The Caffreys have had Jenny for three months and love her.

“She has been brilliant,” Mr Caffrey said. “We have had her three months and she had settled in nicely.

“She was quiet and the vet did say that she is an old girl and she will probably just like to be quiet.

“She loves the beach and she goes walking twice a day in the woods. She loves her walks and she loves being quiet.” (Daily Mail)

What a wonderfully touching story! I wish that all dogs and animals could have the chance regardless of how long it takes. There is a family out there somewhere. So sad that millions of companion animals have only days for their chance to find theirs.

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