Alamogordo Children Receive Award Celeste and Cassandra Leyva, the two Alamogordo youths who intervened when three teenagers were cruelly torturing a small terrier puppy received a Good Citizens Award from Mayor Don Carroll yesterday.

The two girls saw the three youths stabbing and trying to crush the dog. They alerted their father, who told the assailants to knock it off.

They didn’t.

He told them again, adding “I’m calling the police.”

Then they left.

Mayor Carroll presented the Leyvas with plaques and gift certificates for taking the initiative that is credited with saving the dog’s life.

The three alleged attackers, James Manzanares, Dasha Lombard and Nicholas Stogden, face felony cruelty to animal charges. Stogden has already pleaded no contest to the charges in District Court.

“We thank you for what you did,” said Mayor Carroll. (Alamogordo Daily News)

Now if only everyone would take the same initiative as these girls did instead of being afraid to step up and get involved!!

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