One week ago, three Alamogordo teens, Dasha Lombard, 15; James Manzanares, 14; and Nicholas Stogdon, 13, decided it would be amusing to try to kill a puppy they found. So they taped the dog’s muzzle with clear packing tape to suffocate her, stabbed her with a knife and screwdriver and then as if that weren’t enough, they proceeded to drop a 44 lb concrete block on her!

Abused DogA child witnessed the teens gathered around the dog and told her father who proceeded to call the police. When an officer arrived he saw the three teens running away and stopped them. They told him they thought the dog was dying so they decided to kill it. They were smiling and unconcerned, Schoolcraft said.

“Manzanares said, ‘It was just a f___ing dog’,” Schoolcraft told the court. “They didn’t seem to be affected by what they had done.”

Oh, really nice! they find what they believe, or so they say, to be an injured animal so rather than try to find help for it, they just decide to torture it?!? Then show no remorse because it’s ‘just a f___ing dog’.

Veterinarian Edmund Christopher Staley, testified the dog had been bleeding a little because she was “in heat.”

Staley testified the dog had a concussion, was in shock and suffering from blood loss when he received her from Animal Control officers Sunday. She had puncture wounds and a pair of slice wounds to her chest; a contusion on her right ear; and bad bruising on either side of her head.

“She showed a great deal of pain when she was moved,” he said.

The contusions on her head turned out to be more than superficial, Staley said. She had a fractured vertebrae. What saved her from the blow or blows from the concrete was the soft earth under her, he guessed.

“It would have crushed her skull,” Staley said.

The dog, now nicknamed Sandy, is about 24 inches long from the tip of her nose to the back end of her ribcage, Staley testified.

He also said there was no sign of any kind of previous injury to the dog. (From Alamorgordo Daily News)

Staley further commented that despite her pain, Sandy was licking the hands of the Animal Control officers and waging her tail.

Seems these three teens are not new to their antisocial behavior either. All three have had previous brushes with the law, Lombard was charged with having a deadly weapon on school property, charged with criminal damage to property when she allegedly spray-painted an elementary school playground, previous charges include shoplifting and resisting, evading and obstructing an officer as well as numerous incidents of trouble at school, usually involving verbally abusing teachers. The Manzanares’ priors include shoplifting (including one incident where he was with co-defendant Stogdon), disorderly conduct, larceny, receiving stolen property and burglary. Stogdon was charged several times with shoplifting; twice for battery on a household member; for running away; and for burglary.

At this point all three teens are being charged with felony cruelty to animals which includes charges of extreme cruelty to animals, conspiracy to commit extreme cruelty and tampering with evidence and are being held in detention until their trial.

Kwasniewski, ADA, closed his statements cited studies showing animal cruelty is a precursor to worse crimes.

SandyAnd how’s Sandy, the 9 mo old terrier mix puppy that way so viciously abused, doing? She’s under the care of the Alamogordo animal control office which is accepting donations for her care.

The owner of (the) little dog that was tortured in Alamogordo has stepped forward, but he can’t keep the dog. The owner said he can’t afford to care for the dog and put her up for adoption.

He also said the dog’s name is Cindy. (KRQE News 13)

You can see a newsclip of the story here.

There was also an article in which Reynalda Stogden, grandmother of Nicholas Stogden one of the three juveniles, speaks out about the teens.

There has been a great deal of public outrage over this which is not surprising, much of it directed toward the families of the teens questioning how they were raised.

A letter in Wednesday’s Daily News said, “I wonder what kind of home life and parents these children have.”

Nicholas’ mother, Sonia Marie Price, said she doesn’t believe her son and the other two juveniles should go free and deserve some form of punishment.

But, the parents should not be blamed.

“We have good home,” Price said. “My mom take care of us, she is trying her best. There’s no kid that’s perfect.”

Stogden said she has raised Nicholas and his sister since Nicholas’ mother had a car accident and was paralyzed. She said she and her grandson are dog lovers. She said Nicholas has a dog of his own and takes care of it.

Stogden said she raised both her grandchildren to love animals. Nicholas treats his dog like royalty and had rescued a cat that was stuffed in a muffler when he was younger.

Stogden said Nicholas was a straight A student and athlete until he arrived to middle school.

“It’s hard for a woman (alone) to raise boys,” Stogden said. “In my opinion, I think he got into the bad crowd.”

Stogden said she doesn’t believe the public should blame the parents because “kids nowadays are going to do what they are going to do regardless of their parents.”

“These people act like they’ve never done anything wrong; why do they blame us,” she said. (Almagordo Daily News)

I understand that it’s hard to raise children in this day and age but people have to accept the responsibility for their children’s behavior. Who else is responsible? Yes, the children themselves are and in some instances, no matter how well raised a child is they may still get into trouble, but I get very tired of the fact that no one wants to take the responsibility and accept the blame. It’s always someone else’s fault. Learn to handle your children, be responsible for them, or the law will take all options out of your hands!

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