Update – 7/8/08 – Uh Oh…. She’s back at it Again!! Read About It!!

UPDATE – 7/29/08 – Now Selling Puppies Through a Classified Ad – See Below!

I received this just this morning and thought it was important to help get the word out on this individual. With so many reputable and hard working rescuers out there, people like this give them a bad name! Don’t let them get away with it!

Thanks for bringing this information to us Mary (Mary Shaver-O’Conner of

Please crosspost and get the word out!!


Alert – NJ Puppy Broker Posing as a Rescue on

Complaints about sick puppies received from Ohio, New York and New Jersey

Be Aware of This Individual:

Vicki/Victoria Patterson, NJ Collie Rescue and Referral, Whitehouse, NJ 08889

This so-called rescue is operating like your run-of-the-mill pet store. It was confirmed in a conversation with the commercial kennel owner on June 23, 2008 that all or most of the purebred puppies listed on NJ Collie Rescue’s PetFinder website ( were purchased from the MO breeder whose kennel name was superimposed on some of the pictures. In fact, the breeder stated she was under the impression that Vicki Patterson was a pet shop owner when she purchased the 12-14 week old puppies at prices “far less than the usual advertised prices” of $200 found on the website.

Patterson, advertising as NJ Collie Rescue and Referral, demands cash only for her ‘special rescue rates’ of $500 to $745! It’s also deceptive to state the puppies were ‘saved from auction’ when the MO breeder confirmed what we’ve known for years: that young puppies are rarely, if ever, sold at auctions – that most of the dogs found at puppy mill auctions are older, retired breeders. Reputable rescues attend auctions to buy these poor “used up” breeders to rescue, rehabilitate them and adopt them into approved, qualified homes. Plus, their adoption fees are much less than these pet-store prices.

And most importantly, Patterson/NJ Collie Rescue do not guarantee the health of the puppies once they are adopted. We all know that puppies born in commercial kennels, i.e. puppy mills, are highly prone to contagious, congenital and /or hereditary diseases and defects that can run into the thousands of dollars to treat or cure.

Visit this PetFinder forum link to read about previous problems associated with Patterson and NJ Collie Rescue:

What You Can Do:

Please contact and ask them to remove Vicki Patterson and NJ Collie Rescue & Referral. Allowing brokers to advertise and sell puppies on defeats PetFinder’s purpose and mission and insults the reputable rescues who work honestly and tirelessly to find homes for thousands of unwanted and homeless animals.


Cary Moran, Public Relations Coordinator



Thank you for all you do for dogs and animals everywhere, and for keeping PetFinder safe from unscrupulous dealers and puppy profiteers!


* * NJCR&R Adoption Application
* * There rarely, if ever, are PUREBRED puppies that need rescue in the Tri State areas. That is because for the large part ,we all spay and neuter our pets This however, is not the case in other parts of the country. This dog you about to apply for was not born in this area of the country. All the puppies/dogs on our site have been TRANSPORTED to NJ , at great expense for you and your family to enjoy. They were either scheduled to be euthanized or sold at auctions. . . a fate worse than death. *****We FLY these dogs to NJ, mostly from MO., at great expense. As the airlines lay off employees and eliminate 10% of their flights due to surging fuel costs. . .they dramatically raise their shipping rates. The veterinarians have tripled the inoculations and routine office visits have sky-rocketed, yet all these puppies are ALL CURRENT on Inoculations, worming etc. Take a look at the cost of a pet shop pup. . .and even factoring the added expense of the FLIGHT to NJ, the adoption cost for these fortunate babies is very reasonable.

The adoption fee for the puppies is as follows:

Yorkie puppies $675 – $745

All other PUREBRED puppies $525.

Designer dogs: Puggle Sheltiepoo etc $500.

High Mix breed puppies $300.

This is payable in CASH only. Sorry we no longer accept *checks
*You are welcome to bring a check as long as you cash it before you get here!
All dogs have Micro chips, Veterinary Health certificates, UTD on Distemper, parvo, coccidia and other necessary inoculations. The are healthy happy and ready to bring your family a lifetime of love.
Taking all this into account, by submitting this application, you agree not to hold New Jersey Collie Rescue & Referral, its volunteers nor Victoria Patterson liable for any medical bills incurred for your adopted puppy/dog.
We do not own a shelter. All dogs and pups are living at private homes. Upon approval we will contact you via e mail to arrange a time for you to meet the pups. Visitation is by Appointment only!
We thank you for trying to help our wonderful doggies and look forward to meeting you!
Victoria Patterson
NJ Collie Rescue & Referral

UPDATE – 6/27/08

I just received this wonderful update and wanted to pass it along and thank everyone who worked to get the word out, write letter, emails and more!! Your efforts paid off!

Dear Rescuers and Animal Advocates,

As of this morning, June 27, 2008, the PetFinder website of NJ Collie Rescue and Referral/Vicki Patterson has been removed by PetFinder. We reported earlier this week that Vicki Patterson was selling puppies from a MO commercial kennel (puppy mill) under the guise of rescue. PetFinder completed its investigation yesterday and removed her from the site. We are very pleased with the decision and wish to thank ALL Rescues/Rescuers and advocates for contacting PetFinder. No one anticipated such an enormous response to the alert. Feel free to thank Kim at

This was the first time in our 5 year history that we issued an alert about a rescue and it was not a decision entered into lightly. No one enjoys disparaging anyone in our rescue community but when deception is involved, we have a duty to rectify the situation, especially when the disreputable actions of one or a few taint all of us.

Rescue is the lifeline to death-row and unwanted, homeless animals and we should not and will not tolerate anyone in the rescue community undermining the thousands of reputable rescues who work so hard, oftentimes with little or no financial resources, to rescue and rehabilitate dogs (and other animals), provide them with safe shelter, feed and medically treat and socialize them, all out of compassion and sheer dedication.

Again, thank you for all you do for dogs and animals everywhere, and for keeping PetFinder safe from unscrupulous dealers and puppy profiteers!

Libby Williams


UPDATE 7/29/08 – Vicki Patterson is now advertising herself as a “Dachshund Rescue” and selling puppies through a classified ad in the Newark Star Ledger

See the actual ad below;

Vicki Patterson Classified Ad

Thanks for passing this info along Liz. Liz Dent is with the Dachshund Rescue of North America.

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