skip-eckhartThe Erasmus, PA puppy mill, Almost Heaven Kennel, was again denied a 2009 kennel license.  Hallelujah!

In October of 2008 Derbe “Skip” Eckhart’s kennel or more appropriately, puppy mill, which goes by the disturbing name of “Almost Heaven” was raided after months of undercover investigation.  The scene could only be described as hell, rather than the heaven the name implies.  Deplorable conditions; animals in their own waste, sick, neglectd and malnourished as well as dead dogs, cats, and more.

Eckhart, who has violations dating back more than 2 decades, had his kennel license revoked at the time.  Since then he has been in and out of court trying to get his license back and trying to get his 2009 kennel license.

In January the Dept. of Ag denied his 2009 kennel license and in February Eckhart was banned from buying, selling and breeding dogs.

In the latest chapter of this saga, state secretary of agriculture this week upheld a ruling denying a 2009 kennel license to Derbe ”Skip” Eckhart.

“The secretary’s decision to uphold the license refusal will hopefully mean a swift end to Almost Heaven kennel and will help ensure that the owner never operates a kennel in Pennsylvania again,” said Jessie Smith, the state’s special deputy secretary for dog law enforcement. “Mr. Eckhart did not make the dogs’ welfare a priority in running his kennel and his continued refusal to follow the limitations placed on him since his license was refused makes it clear that closing his kennel is the best course of action.”

He has 30 days to appeal this latest decision, which of course he will do. This is a man who will not be happy unless he is torturing animals and reaping profits off their neglected and abused bodies. Must give him some sick thrill. There’s no question that he’s in this for the love of animals, not with his cruel background. I think he should just be subject to the same condition he forces animals to live in and see how he fares.

The sad thing is Eckhart still has animals and seems to still be in business to one degree or another. What is it gonna take to shut this bastard down for good?!

[Eckhart’s lawyer] noted a federal lawsuit filed by the Professional Dog Breeders Council, an association of 325 dog breeders based in Royersford, Montgomery County. According to an agreement after that complaint was filed, the department lifted a ban prohibiting Eckhart from selling dogs. He is prohibited from buying or bringing more dogs into the kennel.

On May 1, a district judge ordered Eckhart to face trial on charges of violating terms of his kennel license refusal order, which barred him from operating a boarding kennel, among other restrictions. Eckhart was found to be boarding dogs on Feb. 11 when state dog wardens inspected the kennel, the department said.

In the latest kennel inspection, inspectors on March 16 found four dogs that showed signs of illness or lameness out of 348 in the kennel. Eckhart was ordered to get medical treatment for the animals. (The Morning Call)

The dogs just can’t win… 🙁

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