Tacoma Firefighter Rescues Dog from 200 Foot Cliff

Amazing dog rescue I’m quite sure Christian Tollefson had no idea when he took his dogs, Chug and Sammy, out for a bit of hiking yesterday that they were going to be the center of a major rescue story!

Walking along a trail near Five-Mile Drive it seems that Chug got curious and began to slide down a 200 foot steep cliff in Point Defiance Park.

Seeing Chug stuck, Tollefson and Sammy tried to go down to rescue him but they wound up sliding all the way to the bottom leaving Chug still stranded precariously.

“When I got to the bottom looking up, I realized what kind of position he was in and I was scared to death,” said Christian.

To the rescue was Tacoma Fire Technical Rescue team. Firefighter Dan Elgin rappelled down the cliff to rescue the stranded Chug.

“Getting the dog rigged into your harness system can be challenging and the fact that you don’t know how they will react,” he said

“I really can’t thank those guys enough. They really saved the day,” said Christian after the harrowing ordeal.

Source – King5

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