Amish dog killersMeet Merlin Schmucker, 26,of Clyde and  Jonathan Eicher, 19, of Lyons, Wayne County, NY.  These two Amish “men” have been charged with animal cruelty after admitting to killing 9 puppies and their mother when Schmucker couldn’t sell pups.
In mid January, the remains of some of the pups were found along a highway in a ditch by road workers.

Saying that killing dogs under such circumstances is accepted among the Amish, Eicher admitted to shooting the dog and pups with a .22 rifle after Schumacker asked him to when he couldn’t sell the Australian red heeler puppies.


Both have been charged with animal cruelty and will be back in court later this month.

Sadly, what Eicher admitted to, that killing dogs that they can’t sell or use for breeding or for any reason, is perfectly acceptable, is not something new.  In puppy mill country in Pennsylvania it was very common and not against the law until the law changed not all that long ago.  One of the final pushes was when two brothers killed 80 dogs rather than care for them and clean up after them after they’d received poor inspection reports. That’s just one of the many instances and obviously even now the horrific custom continues…



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