Here is 41-year-old Noelle Stanbridge.  She is an independent animal rescuer from Ottumwa Iowa.   She promotes herself as a champion for stray dogs in Iowa, rescuing over 200 dogs.  If you google her name you can see her claim to be involved in transporting animals with the help of Pilots N Paws (PnP has contacted FTLTD and they have no record of any association with her that they can find), fostering dogs that go to breed-specific rescues, and even setting up petitions.  It is the work that animal rescuers do.  Everything they can to save dogs in need of help.

But…whoa…ten days ago her neighbor released to the police a very disturbing and horrific video.  Stanbridge was beating a dog in her back yard, with what appeared to be a stick.

Here is a news video on it which shows a significant part of her beating the dog.  And it is disturbing.

Update 4/1/11: Commenter “Laura” submitted a link to the entire amateur video that was taken of Stanbridge beating her dog.  Click on this YouTube Link to view for embedding has been disabled.   It’s bad.

Note:  when you click on the video to view it, click on Watch on You Tube when it appears.  Embedding was disabled.

WOW.  Just, WOW.  This woman has no reputation left as an animal advocate or rescuer.  She just flushed herself down the toilet.

According to Stanbridge, she was disciplining her dog for digging holes in the backyard.   Where the hell did she learn Dog Training?  Resident Evil?  This wasn’t discipline or positive training.  This is clear cut abuse.  If you watched the video, that dog was clearly terrified and struggling to get away from her.  Stanbridge was wailing on that poor animal violently.

Noelle Stanbridge was arrested and charged with one count of cruelty to animals.  According to Iowa state law, if you beat your own dog and it does not suffer serious injuries, it’s just a simple misdemeanor.  She faces a mere 500 dollar fine.  Holy Crap.

When the police arrived with a warrant (along with a veterinarian), they found 10 more dogs at her resident but did not seize any.  None of the dogs showed any sort of injuries.  But the investigation is not finished.  Concerned residents have become outspoken on the incident and the police stated they will continue to monitor the welfare of her animals, and look into her operations because she is apparently running an unlicensed shelter.  More charges may be filed and a judge will decide whether the 10 dogs in her home should remain there.

This woman has severe anger issues and should have no animals in her possession.  In fact, the animal rescue networks have real issues with her now.  They are upset, angry, and betrayed.  They have sent out notices via Facebook and email for her to be put on every DNA/DNR list.  Who can blame them.  Noelle Stanbridge and her actions has embarrassed the entire rescue community.  Rescuers should be swooping in to save those 10 dogs from her.

Rescuers should be very careful who they are dealing with now.  It’s too easy to get yahoo, gmail, and hotmail addresses in any name.   If you are a Facebook user, it’s important you view this comment thread.  All of it.

Noelle Stanbridge, the animal “rescuer”, has a new honor now.  A profile.

3/31/11 Update:  More charges were filed last night after I put this up:

On March 30, 2011 at approximately 5:30 PM, police officers executed a second search warrant at 327 Appanoose in Ottumwa, Iowa. Police seized numerous documents and a computer from the residence. Following the search warrant, Noelle Stanbridge was taken into custody and charged with the following:

Seven (7) Counts Failure To License A Dog. (Chapter 7-41 of the Ottumwa Municipal Code)

Two (2) Counts Failure To Vaccinate A Dog. (Chapter 7-49 of the Ottumwa Municipal Code)

One (1) Count Operating As A Dealer Without A License or Permit.  (Chapter 162.7 of the Code of Iowa)

Stanbridge was transported to the Wapello County Jail where she was released after posting bond.   The investigation is continuing.

Ottumwa Police Department

Stanbridge’s pretrial hearing is set for 8:45 a.m. April 21 at the Wapello County Courthouse.

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