As per my “marching orders” (Hehe…thanks Bonnie), I made it to the Rescue Ink Book Signing at the Clifton New Jersey Barnes and Noble.

It was a busy night with lots of fans.   There were Animal Control Officers, teenagers, veterinarians, kids, members of rescues orgs, animal shelter employees and volunteers.  Everyone of us were excited to meet the guys responsible for a new wave in animal rescue.

At the Book Signing

At the Book Signing

The Rescue Ink members attending were G, Eric, Johnny-O, Joe Panz, Big Ant, Angel, Batzo, and Mary.  Also attending was Denise Flaim who co-authored their book Rescue Ink – How Ten Guys Saved Countless Dogs And Cats, Twelve Horses, Five Pigs, One Duck, and a Few Turtles.

G, Eric, and Johnny-O

G, Eric, and Johnny-O

They are a very congenial bunch and totally at ease with the public.  They spoke about their efforts to stop animal cruelty, their reality show, and they invited questions and comments from the audience.

And there were many questions from a lot from people who have witnessed animal cruelty in their neighborhoods and  felt powerless to do anything about it.  Rescue Ink offered encouragement, suggestions, and in one case – their phone number.  As in, “You call us tomorrow”.

Some were very anxious to start volunteering.  In the two weeks before the airing of Rescue Ink Unleashed, the group received 400 volunteer applications.  All must be reviewed and interviewed.

One of the questions was from a couple who were overwhelmed with feeding and caring for a feral cat colony.  They needed advice.   Rescue Ink offered some suggestions, but when they broke to begin the book signing, I noticed a woman approach the couple and said “I can help you”.



After hearing that, I decided to observe the crowd around me. People were networking.  There were exchanges of ideas, phone numbers and emails being passed around.  Rescue workers and shelter employees that only spoke via phone and email discovered each other in the crowd.

Big Ant’s favorite declaration for the group is “We’re the army for the animals”.  I’m not sure members of Rescue Ink realize this (or maybe they do), but the people around them that night not only got their book signed and got their pictures taken together – they started building an army.

Me with Rescue Ink.  (Of COURSE I had to have my picture taken with them!)

Me with Rescue Ink. (Of COURSE I had to have my picture taken with them!)

So, now it’s time for Deanna to write about her surprise.


First Andrea, I gotta ask, are you really that tiny or are those guys really that big?  LOL  Love the pic!!

Well, when Andrea got to the book signing last week, yes, last week, she started teasing me right away sending me messages from her phone.  After she was done she called me and told me all about it.  Have to admit I was a bit envious but also happy and excited that she got to meet them.  I, of course, wanted her to write it up and share with everyone right away but was told that we had to wait.

Seems Andrea had a little surprise for me.  I knew that she put the first episode of Rescue Ink Unleased on DVD for me since I don’t have cable and she was going to send that, she also said that she was sending some pix.  Couldn’t figure out why we still couldn’t write it up, knew she had something up her sleeve but she wasn’t giving it up so for days I had to just wait… impatiently… have to admit I’m like a kid when it comes to surprises 🙂

When that package showed up today I wasted no time getting into it and lo and behold, what did I have in my hot little hands but an autographed copy of their new book, signed to ME!! 🙂 Check it out…


And for an added surprise, I also have a pic of Johnny-O holding the signed book;


Isn’t that the coolest thing?  Talk about grinning from ear to ear!!

Of course I also had to pop in the DVD of Rescue Ink Unleashed and it was great!!  I hope you got to see it, if you didn’t you have to catch it.  These guys are serious, not fakes, not actors but a bunch of tough guys who love animals with a passion.  They each have their own reasons why they do what they do and I hope they catch on like wild fire!

Big thanks to Andrea for my wonderful gift!! And for sharing with us her evening with Rescue Ink!

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