by Peggy Juliann

Pinz_RIHi all, voting time at the polls may be over, but for the Annual People’s Choice Award the voting opportunity is underway. For those of you not into the variety of the entertainment industry’s array of Award promotions, I am one of them, People’s Choice is just what the name implies, the public selecting the winners for Annual Best in a wide variety of TV shows. What does that have to do with us? Usually not much, but they have been adding new categories and one of those is Best Animal Show On TV.

This year the nominees have really “gone to the dogs”. While all are noteworthy, Deanna has been kind enough, to let me make a pitch for a candidate to vote for, even though in this case there are several good Dog Causes. Without further ado, here are the five nominees as well as a bit of campaigning for your vote for People’s Choice

Nominee One: “It’s Me or the Dog”

Can be a fun show, if you have ever caught it, and certainly does show how good training and or a good dog behaviorist can help to turn a trying, if not downright troublesome, situation in a great one. For my money, not as worthy in really helping the dogs, as a whole, that we all so dearly treasure.

Nominee Two: “Animal Cops”

We all know this one, and some of the shows are just great and really show the dedication of many Animal Protection Officers in saving dogs, and other animals too. What the show rarely covers, is what often happens to these dogs. Yesterday’s tragic tale of Oreo would be one of those, as well as some communities, where Animal Cops is featured, that have an automatic euthanization policies for pit bulls, mixes and other breeds they deem not adoptable. For my money, that is hard to support when we are about the love of the dog.

Nominee Three: “Dog Town”

No doubt about it, a great show, with great deeds, and some wonderful outcomes. Best Friends does great work and has helped tremendously in the reduction of dogs in shelters and the euthanization rates due to their Spay Neuter and No More Homeless Pets Campaigns. Great deeds, but BF has lots supporters, a compensated board of directors and staff and huge donations of time and money.

Nominee Four: “Dog Whisperer”

What dog lover could deny that Cesar Milan and his training methods have worked miracles for many. Not only has he shown people about good dog training he has also helped save dogs lives and donates time to those in need. Hard to deny that he and his show are about good works and saving dogs, and if it weren’t for the last nominee, I might be campaigning for this show, but Nominee Five, is not only about good work, saving dogs (and many other animals) as well as rescue work, but is also the only one that is volunteers, with big hearts but a small budget, in fact still digs into personal pockets when needed and is out there in the trenches everyday. AND that Nomine is:

Nominee Five: RESCUE INK

What blog reader, as well as dog lover, doesn’t know about this great group. Not only from the recent infamous Long Island abuse case, you know the one the local SPCA did not respond to but tried to take the credit for, but also for all of the work in saving animals lives, from large to small, confronting abusers, and actively working in humane education and ending dog fighting.

A Rescue Army of ten, from different backgrounds and walks of life, out there to defend, protect, and serve the animals that are most in need. Don’t let these big, burly, tattooed, Harley driving guys put you off. They are all heart, all action and all about rescue. Don’t let the idea of a book deal or their new TV Show fool you. These guys are not rolling in dough. In fact they often dip into personal pockets, not big donations, for rescue needs. Don’t like tattoos, well consider Junior, newest member of Rescue Ink and so far, no tattoos. Don’t like Harleys, well consider G, (for George) who rides a Suziki Hayabusar and leaves the others in his dust. Think this is just for guys, ladies? Think again. Mary is the female member of the team, a long time rescuer and according to the guys the glue that holds them altogether and keeps them organized.

So my vote, and I hope yours too, is for Rescue Ink. A great show to begin with if you have seen any of the first several, but even more a great group, dedicated to the work they do, the lives they save and ending abuse and injustice to animals wherever they can. A People’s Choice win for them would certainly help to expand their rescues efforts and help a lot more dogs and other animal victims of abuse. How could we not love these guys (and gal too). You can vote by using the link below, and remember if you think Rescue Link should win, please join the campaign trail and pass on to all you know.

If you want to learn more, or need more convincing, you can use this link to access the Rescue Ink Site – HERE …if you do, see if you do not just fall in love with teeny, little Pinz (pictured above). A Long haired Chi mix that a shelter was going to kill because her eyes bulged and she walked in circles. Today, where ever RI goes Pinz goes.


Peggy, thanks so much for writing this to share.  I have to admit that RI got my vote.  Like you, I do like and have respect for some of the others but there’s just something real about RI; maybe because to a degree, they do what we’d all like to do, get in peoples’ faces, kick a little figurative butt and save some of those babies that are so desperate in need of saving!  Go RI!!

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