UPDATE – 12/4/12 – Update on Metro, Dog Found Outside Anderson Inner City Animal Hospital

Unbelievably, not for the first time, Anderson Inner City Animal Hospital in Buffalo, NY, has refused to help a dog that was near death right on it’s door step.

This little pitbull puppy, emaciated to skin and bones, cold and abandoned was lying outside the animal hospital on the pavement in the freezing cold and the animal hospital refused to help even to the point of slamming the door in the face of an EMT.

Two Rural-Metro paramedics, assigned to the corner of Kensington and Fillmore Avenues, found an emaciated pit bull, lying on the frigid pavement on Wednesday. The dog was so weak, she couldn’t even raise her head.

EMT Norine Hoch said, “As my partner was pulling into the driveway, all of a sudden, she started going, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’ It was, like, 32 degrees outside, and she was skin and bones. If we [had gotten there] seconds later, she would probably would have been frozen to death.”

The dog was lying in the parking lot of the Anderson Inner City Animal Hospital. Which is why Hoch says, she’s shocked at what happened when they knocked on the hospital door.

“A gentleman came to the door, and he said, ‘I know she’s there. I called the SPCA. They’re on their way.’ And slammed the door in our face.” (WIVB)

At that point, the EMTs wrapped the poor puppy in blankets and heat packs and rushed her to the SPCA for medical help.

“It was very heartbreaking to see just how thin, weak, and how cold she was to the touch. They were very saddened, but very happy to see us bring the puppy in, instead of just leaving it there,” Field supervisor Michael Arquette said.

Sadly, at this point, the pup’s  such bad shape no one is sure if she’ll make it but they’re running tests and doing everything they can.

severely-neglected-dogAnd as I mentioned, this is not the first time Anderson Inner City Animal Hospital has refused to help a dog near death that was laying right outside their door.  In 2009 a cocker spaniel laid outside the hospital for 24 hours before anyone did anything.

Sadly, the poor dog, estimated to be only about 3-years-old, had to be euthanized after three days.

A formal complaint was made against Dr. Hector Anderson and the clinic after that and it looks like the SPCA is again investigating the clinic.  To bolster the case, he paramedics are going to give statements to investigators Friday morning.

I truly find it beyond unbelievable and totally reprehensible that someone who calls them self a doctor, a vet, could possible deny help to a creature so desperately and obviously in need of help.

I quote a statement I made when I wrote about the poor little cocker in 2009, “I hope this story gets out far and wide and they lose every customer they have!! Why couldn’t they take that poor baby in and devote just a little time to care? Would that have really been too much to ask? Guess that doc didn’t get into his biz for the love of animals! Bastard!”

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