AngelI’ve done several stories on Angel, the Shepherd mix puppy who was severely burned, most likely with a blowtorch held to her head, in Tennessee, at the end of July.

The poor puppy faced a long and painful recovery after her grievous injuries but after more than a month she was recovered enough to find a forever home.

Sadly, after more than four months, Angel was still sitting in the Metro Animal Shelter in Nashville waiting for her angel. Perhaps because of her special needs and scars. There’s no doubt she was not a dog that would be adoptable by just anyone, she needed a very special person or family to open their hearts and home to her.

Due to Angel’s burn injuries, she was missing most of her ears and the hair on top of her head and she was so badly burned that she lost her left eyelid. She needs to spend most of her time indoors and if she does go out she will need to have sunscreen put on her and she’ll need eyedrops twice a day.

Well finally Angel has found her angels!  After a very thorough screening process by the shelter, Angel has been placed in a forever home! It was required that her new family have no other dogs and they underwent home inspections as well.  The family visited Angel many times at the shelter to get acquainted with her and make sure it was a good match.

This is wonderful news!  The only thing that would make it better would be if the person or persons responsible for doing this horrendous thing to her were caught.

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