Eldon WabashaThis Sioux City man, Eldon Wabasha, 24, was partying with a cousin and her boyfriend at a friend’s house when things got a bit out of hand and Wabasha got beat up.  He left the party and it wasn’t until his cousin, Jewel Starr and her boyfriend went home that they found out what Eldon had done in his anger.

Starr’s boyfriend went in the house and came back out and told Starr that her dog, a 5-month-old 20-pound mixed breed puppy named Sneegles, was bleeding from the mouth and what Starr found was a trashed bathroom and a brutally beaten, shaking and terrified puppy.

“I went in there I said, Eldon, I said what’d you do to my dog?”

“It was kind of a gruesome scene to where there was blood up the walls, blood all over the floor, everywhere,” said Animal Control Officer Cody Harrington.

The little puppy, Sneegles, lost teeth and her jaw was broken in numerous places from the brutality of the beating.

Wabasha was arrested just hours after the attack and faces Aggravated Misdemeanor charges of animal abuse with injury. His preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 26.

The puppy spent Sunday night and Monday at the vet and was released today to Animal Control to recover from surgery. Jewel Starr, who couldn’t afford the medical costs, released the puppy to Animal Control. All she wants is that the puppy recover and find a good home now.

Sneegle has got quite a road to recovery ahead of her. She’s on meds and for the next four weeks will not even be able to open her mouth and will have to have a liquid diet. She also can’t be around any other animals. A volunteer picked up up today to take care of her through her rehabilitation and recovery. Once she’s recovered, she’s be up for adoption.

As much as I’d like to give Wabasha the same kind of beating he gave that little puppy, what makes me just about as angry is that neighbors said they heard the puppy screaming and crying out for 40 minutes!! OMG! They heard the abuse, the torture and no one did anything!! The didn’t go to the house, they didn’t call the police.. nothing! To me, they are just about as guilty an the waste of life that beat the puppy. If someone had had the courage to intervene, they might have been able to save that poor baby a great deal of suffering and pain. What the hell is wrong with people that they can sit and listen to such suffering and just ignore it??

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