Lennis StephensA 31-year-old Daytona Beach, FL man, Lennis Stephens, is facing child neglect and animal abuse charges after investigators checking out an animal abuse complaint found alot more than they bargained for at Stephens’ home.

Not only did they find 9 pitbull puppies and dogs that were severely emaciated, covered in open sores and bite marks, the house’s only toilet was not functional, the stench from rotting food was overwhelming, there were holes in the floors and pornography scattered everywhere.  There was also a 5-year-old child living in the house, Stephens’ daughter.

The humane society believes the dogs were most likely used for dog fighting to judge from the wounds and bite marks.

One neighbor actually said that Stephen was a “good dad” that got caught up in a situation.  If this is an example of a “good dad” someone changed the requirements on me!

The child was supposedly staying with another family member at the time and had complained that the house smelled bad and that there were “crack heads” in and out all the time.  Yes, a 5-year-old child actually said that as evidenced by the police report.

The little girl was taken into the custody of the Department of Children and Families and the dogs and puppies were removed from the premises. Stephens was arrested, charged with child neglect and animal abuse and jailed on a $43k bond.

Yes my friends, we have another winner here! Someone who needs to be locked up and just throw away the key! Of course that will never happen but we can keep hoping, praying and fighting for justice. One of these days….

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