patrick-mcconnellAgain and again it’s been shown and proven that seldom is animal abuse a “stand alone” crime which is just one of the reasons that our judicial system needs to take animal abuse crimes more seriously and mete out harsher punishments.  Often it’s coupled with interpersonal violence such as domestic violence and child abuse.  Here is yet another example of that; Patrick McConnell, 42 of Jaffrey, NH, shot the family dog and beat his wife.

McConnell put a bullet into the family dog for some unknown reason. He did then take the dog to the vet for treatment and the dog survived and is now staying with family members.

Then a few days later he threatened his wife with a gun and beat her, leaving her bruised.

Police arrested McConnell and he was charged with reckless conduct, criminal threatening, animal cruelty and simple assault. Yesterday he was still being held in jail on $25K bail.

So for all the people out there with the “it’s just a dog mentality” what about when it’s a child or partner or spouse or some other innocent and defenseless individual? Can you blow that off just as easily? For myself, I care that it’s a dog as I care if a human being is abused. This is just one of the many reasons that animal abuse needs to be looked at as the serious crime it really is.

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