Clayton Co GAWhen animals are being abused, you’re told to call animal control or the police but what do you do when they refuse to do anything?  This is the situation one animal advocate is running into in Clayton County, GA, and she sent me the video to show exactly what she is facing… Illegal breeding operations, injured, emaciated, scarred and sick dogs, and animal control refuses to remove the injured dogs or even cite the “owner” even though the landlord has also complained.

What can you do?

In the words of this advocate…

It happened in Riverdale GA. We have called Animal Control before, who are unresponsive causing painful deaths to animals. This time, they refused to take hurt animals so I took the one worst off. She is getting medical treatment. Ac didn’t try to find out anything about the animals – who is breeding, fighting etc None of the animals had papers which is against county regulations/ordinances. The landlord reported the property stating he has advised the tenants they cannot commit crimes on his property. They ignored the landlord. The news has been called and a should air soon. When it does, I will share it with a petition to change leadership for City of Riverdale, Clayton County within Animal Control. Many rescue groups and volunteers have complained about this shelter for a long time. The reporter with CBS ( Sonia Moghe) said the police chief admitted it was wrong to leave the dog there and not cite.

Watch the video… see the puppies… the injured dog… see the AC officers do nothing…

Begging for help… and nothing…

And here you see the AC officer refusing to pick up the injured dog saying that the dog must be brought in and a fee paid… Wait a minute, isn’t that what citizens pay taxes for? After both AC and police refuse to help the injured, emaciated dog, the volunteer gives up and takes the dog herself…

I ask again, what can you do?  

You can start by being a voice… because if not you, then who?

Clayton County Board of Commissioners can change Animal Control Leadership. Their chairman has an assistant- below.
Beverly M. McMichen – Assistant to Chairman
Phone: (770) 472-8122

Clayton County Animal Control
1396 Government Cir, Jonesboro, GA 30236
(770) 477-3509

Clayton County Police
Clayton County Animal Control

Please take the time to make a difference… share this story… sign the petition below… time to be that someone who makes a difference!


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