Palomo Brothers Two San Antonio, TX brothers, Joe and Adrian Palomo, have been arrested for animal cruelty after neighbors complained about dead dogs and dogs left without food and water on the property where they live.

Responding officers found one dog with a heavy chain and lock that impeded its movement and are continuing to investigate.

One neighbor said that the brothers didn’t abuse, just neglect. Guess he doesn’t realize that neglect is abuse!

Animal control’s response was to take pictures of the scene but they did not remove any of the animals.  Guess they have to be dead or closer to dead for that to happen.

Wonder if we even have to guess what “breed” of dog these tough guys had on a heavy chain and lock in their yard.  Doesn’t take much speculation to figure that out.

Stories like this seem to be a dime a dozen.  It’s like people who are desperate to have children, the you have these idiot parent with a half dozen running around that they won’t care for.  What is wrong with people?  Dogs are living, breathing creatures that need love and care and you have these idiots who obviously don’t give them anything but a trashy place to live… and die.

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