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9/27/13 – UPDATE Update on Emaciated Doberman – Check it out, this is a good one!

9/5/13 – UPDATE #3 – The dogs “owners” were arrested on unrelated charges and the dogs, both Dutchess and another puppy, have been removed from the home and are currently with Animal Control (see update from 100+ Team at bottom of page!)

9/4/13 – UPDATE #2! Although AC did remove the dog, she will be returned as she is considered nothing more than “property” by the law. She was vetted, treated for hookworm, vaccinated and will be returned to her “owners”… AC will keep an eye on her but that’s about it and no amount of phone calls is going to change things until the law is changed! (see update from 100+ Team at bottom of page!)

9/4/13 – UPDATE #1! This dog was finally removed from the Property by Animal control.. Your voices have been heard! (see update from 100+ Team at bottom of page!)

How can anyone see this horrifically sad dog; skeletal, emaciated, dehydrated, too weak to even move, left lying in the blazing Florida sun and heat, tethered by a huge, heavy chain, and do nothing? That is exactly what happened yesterday after authorities in Ft. Lauderdale refused to removed this poor dog from her owners.

After this picture was posted by 100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida, it went viral on Facebook and hundreds and hundreds of calls were placed to authorities begging them to help this poor dog, calls to media to get some attention on this situation.  Dozens of people went to the property, 1636 NE 17th Ave Ft Lauderdale, waiting and hoping authorities would remove this obviously suffering pup.

They offered to help; to provide food for the pup, to take the dog, to get medical help, anything they could think of but the response from the “owner” was less than appreciative according to one person there…

“It’s a dog, get off my F-ing property.”

There is a statute under Florida law which allows; “Any law enforcement officer or any agent of any county of any county or of any society or association for the prevention of cruelty to animals appointed under the provisions of s. 828.03 may:

(a) Lawfully take custody of any animal found neglected or cruelly treated by removing the animal from its present location

And this very obviously looks like the case here.  How can anyone see this poor dog and not conclude that he’s been neglected and is being cruelly treated?

Now you ask, “What happened when the authorities finally did show up?  Did they quickly remove this poor pup and get her to emergency medical care?” NO!

Seems by the time the police showed up there was food and water stuck by the dog and according to one media source,  “officers came by and did find a thin dog tethered to a fence, but also noted the presence of food and water. Animal Control noted the same: observing a friendly, but still very frail puppy.

The owners were later cited with a warning. Legally, dogs can be tethered under reasonable time limits, and must be within sight of their owners; but ill treatment, abuse, and failing to provide food, water and shelter are against the law.”

There is a video of a neighbor who has been keeping an eye on the dog, has also asked for help, who finally called the 100+ group for help… you can see the video HERE

From News 6 in South Florida

This is a “report” from the group that found and posted the poor dog,

CASE # A13-036165 animal control 954 359-1313 Let me say how DISGUSTED we are that Animal control along with the police would NOT remove this Emaciated suffering Puppy from these people. We have been on the property for over 6 hours! We went through the proper channels.. Police and animal control to help this Abused Emaciated Starving Dog Tethered on a heavy chain in the hot sun day in and day out with Bandages on his poor ears from getting his ears clipped. The Bandages are filthy! God knows what kind of infection is setting in. Animal control did not even look at his ears. 100+ offered 1.000.00 to the scum bags for their dogs! yes there is also a young 10 week puppy on this very same property. So after hours of Screaming and fighting this Dog is now in a cage inside of their house still starving a slow and painful death. So here we have it.. No Protection for Animals! NONE! They are considered Property! When I asked the officers how they feel about leaving this dog in this condition would this bother you through the night.. QUOTE!! No Not Really .. I Have Other Things to Worry About! There you have it! We reach out for HELP from Authorities and We get NOTHING! So we Ask you.. If we took the dog and did not call authorities.. Would this be acceptable? NO we would land in Jail for Stealing PROPERTY! Please continue to make mass calls to Animal control with the contact # and Case # demanding this dog is Removed .. Let them know we will not stand back and allow this or any animal to suffer.. Where the hell is the protection for the voiceless? Amy & the 100+ Team!

Sad doesn’t even begin to describe this.  Trying to do things right, according to the law, now the poor dog continues to suffer and officers of the law show their complete apathy, that they just don’t even give a damn… it’s “just a dog”… that tired old pathetic refrain…

People have said that someone should just “take” the dog and although my heart wishes something like that would have happened, time is far past for that… The “owners” have removed the dog from the yard and reports are that she is in a cage in the house and no one can see her of has any idea how she is now.  At this point the only thing I see as viable it to put the pressure on authorities to DO SOMETHING!

Although sadly it doesn’t seem as if the hundreds of calls have really done much so far I will pass along the contact info but please, be polite when you call!

11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Tuesday-Friday
11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.
Closed Mondays.
Contact telephone number is 954/359-1313.

For Customer Service inquiries, please forward an email to Lisette Murado at Her contact extension is 9689. The customer service desk can also be reached at extension 9248.

For Rescue matters, please forward an email to Ron Cooper at (ext. 9852) and Karen Condon at (ext. 9268).

For Foster matters, please contact customer service at extension 9248 or the clinic at extension 9296.

For Field Operations, please contact Irene Feser at (ext. 9238) or Maureen Darley at (ext. 9234).

Mayor Seiler may be reached at 954-828-5003 or via e-mail at

Broward County Commissioner, District 1
Martin David Kiar
115 S. Andrews Ave., Room 417
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Phone: 954-357-7001
Fax: 954-357-7295

Commission Aide: Scott Barrocas

Administrative Coordinator: Michael Clark

Administrative Coordinator: Philip Busey

If you know of anyone else who should be contacted, please provide the contact info in comments.  Any other suggestions?  My heart just hurts for that poor baby!

** Will share updates as they are posted… of you can follow the 100+ FB page – HERE





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