AC Tasers DogHas tasering dogs become the newest method of animal control?  Maybe for animal control in Walnut Ridge, AR!  Seems they have a lot of problems with dog running loose, irresponsible owners and are now dealing with loose dogs in a more serious manner.

Now if a dog is running loose 3 times, it is impounded.  If it is not picked up after 5 days, it is euthanized.

Well, a local television crew heard about a dog running loose and went to check it out and what happened was a bit more then they expected.  While they were filming, animal control showed up and decided the best way to handle the situation was to taser the poor dog.  He said the dog was acting aggressively and he was well within his rights to taser it.

I saw a dog that was barking and defensive, backing up, not moving towards the AC officer.  I understand that anyone who deals with animals needs to be wary to a degree but shouldn’t AC officers be trained to handle animals a little better?  Ok, maybe the dog was not hurt in the long run but I just cannot get the poor dog’s screaming out of my head!

You tell me, was the dog acting aggressively or did the ACO go overboard here?  I can tell you that on the poll from the website over 70% of the respondents felt the ACO used excessive force.

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