Animal Cruelty

Looks like Newport New, VA cop, Rashad I. Brown, 32, is gonna walk free and clear since the city voluntarily withdrew its animal cruelty charges against him. And I thought I couldn’t get much angrier over this then when the Judge returned the two abused dogs back to this POS with their fresh bruises and abrasions that a vet treated.

On March 16, responding to a neighbor’s complaint that they witnessed a man kicking one of dogs, and heard him beating another, animal control officer Angie Gromlich went to Brown’s St. Thomas Drive apartment only to be confronted by an arrogant and belligerent Brown siccing his dog, Lilly, a Labrador retriever on her.  Brown was arrested and charged with two counts of animal cruelty and could have faced a maximum of 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.

Newport News voluntarily withdrew from the case “primarily because the principal witnesses moved to Connecticut,” said Allen Jackson, chief deputy city attorney.

The principal witnesses were two neighbors last month “who have given direct testimony what Brown allegedly did with the two animals,” Jackson said. (Daily Press)

Now wait a minute here! This waste of human life admitted beating the dogs, the vet examination showed “fresh abrasions and bruising consistent with being struck with an object and kicked” and he threatened an Animal Control officer… all of this aside from witness statements and Newport News doesn’t think they can still prosecute this trash?! I don’t get it.

Bad enough these poor dog were placed back in his custody within days and now I guess Rashad I. Brown was right when he said, “it is not against the law to beat your dogs or kids in Virginia, (and that) he knows this because he is a cop.” Well, maybe some of it is against the law but doesn’t look like VA does anything about it, especially if you’re a cop or maybe just a cop in Newport News since at the time he was just one of six officers facing criminal charges.

Pathetic… just pathetic!

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