Justice, the administering of deserved punishment or reward, has a new meaning these days.  It’s fodder for situation comedies and comic routines.  Here is a small collection that could very well be Jay Leno’s next monologue.

kilby_airFaith Kilby

Faith Kilby is a victim.  She is a victim of an Alien Abduction that resulted in her brains being sucked out.  In 2006, police officers found the remains of Kilby’s 10-year-old dog, Bear, decomposing in her backyard.  She was found guilty of Animal Cruelty in 2007 and her sentence was probation with 90 days in jail suspended, repay $290 restitution to cover the costs of the necropsy and disposal of Bear, get psychological counseling, and no animals during her probation period.

Last year she failed to comply with the terms of her probation and was sentenced to 45 days in jail.  She failed to get counseling, did not repay restitution and was found owning animals again.  Two dogs, a turtle and a chinchilla.

She still didn’t get it.  Her brains must be still sitting in some bleaker in a space ship taking a tour of the Galaxy.

After her release from her 45 day jail term, she failed to meet with her probation officer.  The judge had no choice but to send her back to jail for the remainder 45 days.  She was escorted straight to jail from the court room by a deputy.

It’s obvious the aliens will not be returning her brains anytime soon.

narvarez_airPhilip Narvaez

Convicted in March 2009 of Animal Cruelty for a badly neglected and abused dog.  In August 2007, his dog was found along side a road. The dog’s right hind leg was mangled with nearly two inches of bone exposed and her foot had rotted and turned black so the leg had to be amputated.

He got quite the sweet deal from the state of New Mexico.  He was sentenced to 200 hours of community service and 364 days of unsupervised probation in lieu of 364 days in jail.  His fine of $1,000 was lowered to $300, and he was ordered to get mental health counseling.

He couldn’t even do that.

He repeatedly failed to prove to the court that he was attending counseling.  He even failed to show up at a hearing regarding his violation and the courts had to issue a bench warrant to gain his attention.  The judge said “I am not going to go lightly, this is a blatant violation”, and gave Navarez a whopping 5 days in jail.  That’s not a typo.  FIVE days in jail.

Now it looks like aliens have infiltrated even our highest form of government.

chantrak_amyAmy Chantarak

Amy Chantarak is a student at the University of South Florida and should have appeared in Pink’s music video “Stupid Girls”.

She left her dog, Mr. Snuggles, in a hot car while she attended a grand opening of IKEA.  She was found guilty of Animal Cruelty and received a year of probation and 50 hours of community service.  She was also ordered to pay $400 in restitution charges to Animal Services who cared for the dog.  Wanna bet she’s just a bright as the former two and winds up in front of the judge real soon?  Here’s why:

She just didn’t think it important enough to attend her court appearances.  She missed her arraignment and a warrant was issued for her arrest.  She showed up an hour late because she had “a job interview”.  The warrant was rescinded.

Not the first time.  Chantarak was cited with animal cruelty in December 2007 after leaving a Chihuahua in her car overnight.  She missed that court hearing and later told investigators the dog was run over. That case is still pending.

What’s going to be her excuse for not abiding by her probation terms?  She had an exam for Glitter Graphics 101?

Why are the courts just as lenient on violation probation and repeat offenders as the original sentences?  Give ‘em these finger shaking, slap on the wrist, pitiful little token sentences and of course these freaks are going to do whatever they want.   With the exception of Kilby, they’ll reappear in court, get a lecture from the judge, and be sent off again with no sense of accountability.

Great material here for stand up.


Thanks Andrea, looks like just more of the same, no justice for the abused, slap on the wrist, oh, excuse me, you had it right, more of a finger shaking, for the abusers.  Is it any wonder they never learn?   We see it again and again…  Truly, if it weren’t so sad and pathetic it might just be funny.  🙁

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