Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue Center Inc. is a non-profit organization under 501C3 status, located in Miami and dedicated to rescuing abused, neglected, and abandoned dogs from the streets, giving them care and love, then placing them in with loving families. Under founder Robbie Coy, 9 years in operation, more than 2500 dogs rescued and saved, Sabbath has never needed a kennel license and should have been grandfathered in.

Now Miami Dade Human Society Director, Sara Pizano, who could have grandfathered the license in but chose not to, has placed a $5k lien on the property because of the kennel license violations. The owner of the land has refused to fight the citation, reportedly due to intimidation and now Sabbath has until about the end of August to be off the property with approximately 150 dogs, many of them long time residents. If they have not moved and removed the dogs, animal control will step in and that will most likely be a death sentence for the dogs left the the rescue.

Contact the Mayor’s Office to STOP Eviction of Sabbath Rescue! Over 100 dogs there and they have been there 9 years! Contact Mayor Carlos Alvarez
Stephen P. Clark Center
111 N.W. 1st Street, 29th Floor
Miami, Florida 33128
Phone: 305-375-5071
Fax: 305-375-3618

Unfortunately I have no more information than this to pass along but thought this was important enough that I wanted to get the word out and hopefully get some action taken on this!  Not sure why the director has chosen eviction when she could have made sure that this rescue and the dogs there were safe but if you’ve even been involved in rescue, shelter works, ect., there is alot of BS and politics involved and this may sadly be a case of that with the innocent victims being, as usual, the dogs.

Please take the time to call and write!! Time is of the essense!!

Please share and crosspost.  If you are on Facebook, you may be able to contact the OP – HERE

UPDATE – Some additional info.  This is a response that was received from Sabbath Rescue about the current situation.

Dear XXX:

I rec your email to Drew _____. Here is the current situation. We are on a farm of 9 acres that you could hardly find with a map. We are buried miles into the Redlands just on the edge of the Everglades and The Mayor is backing up the Zoning dept that says this land is not zoned for a dog rescue or kennel. How absurd. Until the zoning matter in resolved the Animal Svs dept and Zoning have told the owner of the land that to make this land zoned for dogs would require stacks of paperwork and many hours of meetings and approvals. They claim without the zoning change we are in violation and will come and take our 150 dogs and kill them. Sara Pizano head of Animal Svs does not care and will not support us even thou over the years we have probably intercepted over 2000 dogs to go to them.

The mayor can order Zoning to issue a License and in 5 minutes this ordeal is over.

FYI…….There are hundreds of dogs for sale in the classified section of the Herald and everyone of these sales is totally illegal as these backyard breeders have no license of any kind and pay no sales tax and pay no income tax. They sell dogs unneutered to the best offer and care less what happens further to the dog and Animal Services does not go after them. The go after us.

Please help us by keeping pressure on the Dade Commission and Mayor Alvarez to let us be as running a rescue with 150 dogs is difficult enough.

Thank you…………..

Sabbath Dog Rescue
Danny Kresky

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