PrichardAn animal shelter is supposed to be a haven, a refuge, a place that care for companion animals until their owners reclaim them, until they are adopted or rescued, or sadly until their time is up and they are given their final walk.  It is supposed to be humane and should be staffed with caring people who take their jobs seriously.

It’s bad enough that far too often an animal shelter is the last stop for too many animals, tossed away by society, facing only death behind the closed doors but is it really necessary that they also face deplorable conditions, cruel staffers and torture.

In Prichard, AL, the Prichard Animal Shelter has four full time employees and even though it’s housed in an old building, you would expect at least reasonably decent conditions but that hasn’t been the case.

Last month there was not one, but two complaints and one of them horrific.  A young man accompanied by his mother-in-law looking for a lost dog found much more than they bargained for when they entered the Prichard Animal Shelter on Monday afternoon.

“As soon as you walk through he door there’s feces everywhere and just excrement from dogs all over,” says Jake.

“It was horrible,” says Donna Tucker. “The dogs were laying in it, the ones that couldn’t get up.”

And it gets worse, much, much worse!

“When we got around to the back we saw a dog who had been laying there a couple of days and had kind of been rotting like it had been left 4 or 5 days at least,” he said. “It hadn’t just died. There were animals crawling all over it. There were dogs in the kennel with it, and it’s jaw where the gums were had rotted out of the face and eyeballs were kind of falling out. It wasn’t a good sight. I had to get the rest of my family out of there.”

Now can someone tell me how the hell shelter worker leave a dog to die and rot for days?! Obviously the dog must have been ill so they just throw it in a cage with other dogs and leave it there. How do you not noticed a dog suffering, a dog that dies alone. How can anyone with the least bit of heart, conscience or responsibility leave that dog’s body there to just rot, other dogs crawling all over it? I don’t even have the words…

And unbelievably the police chief, who is ultimately in charge, says he has “no concerns.”

“I’m not concerned about the care,” [Prichard Police Chief Lawrence Battiste] said. “We have four full-time staff working here in the animal shelter,” says Battiste. He says the four people are scheduled to share shifts on Saturdays and Sundays, and that each morning their first duties are to clean the cages and care for the animals. But Jake says his visit came on a Monday at noon. The Chief says he’ll investigate.

“We wouldn’t want our employees to work in an environment where there was feces and the possibility of illness floating around,” Battiste said. “Because it subjects our employees to those types of things!” (Local 15)

Not concerned?? Are you kidding??

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The Mobile Chapter ASPCA, had already received one complaint previous to this; “That the animals weren’t being fed on a schedule,” says Flott. “That they were losing weight, those that were coming in sick or injured were not being euthanized in a timely manner.”

And now the Mobile County Commission has decided that they would step in and assist Prichard with animal control.

But what about justice for the wanton neglect at Prichard?  What about the four people hired to work to care for the animals left in their care at the shelter?  Will there be any justice for the poor dog left to suffer and die at the hands of these uncaring shlter workers?  There is no way that no one saw or knew, they just didn’t give a damn!!

And now they are going to walk away… If any of us had left our dog to suffer and die we would be arrested and charged with animal cruelty and rightly so!  What makes these workers any different?  Workers whose job it was to care for the animal there, who were paid!

There needs to be some justice but as of Sept 9, the Mobile District Attorney’s office says there are no plans for any criminal charges and there have been no further investigations of this horrific incident!!  Guess it’s just sweep it under the carpet and hope it goes away, after all, it was “just a dog.”


No one should be allowed to get away with such neglect and cruelty, most especially a shelter and its employees who are paid a salary to care for these animals!! Contact the Mobile DA’s office and Mobile County Commission let them know that we demand justice!  People must be held accountable!

Mobile District Attorney
PO Box 574
Mobile, AL 36652
251 574-8400

Mobile County Commission
205 Government Street
Mobile, AL 36644-1001

Dist 1-Merceria L. Ludgood 251-574-1000
Dist 2-Stephen Nodine 251-574-2000
Dist 3-Mike Dean 251-574-3000

For email and telephone numbers to Prichard, AL officials:

And please take a moment to sign the petition and share it with your friends, family, and groups! If we don’t do something we are as guilty of neglect as those who stood by and watched that poor dog suffer and die!!


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