Harrison County Animal Shelter TheftPeople have to to be pretty low to steal from an animal shelter and that’s just what happened to the Harrison County Animal Shelter in Kentucky.  Thieves broke into the shelter sometime between Saturday night and the early Sunday morning hours.  They stole animals and thousands of dollars in pet food and supplies.

“They backed their truck up to the field beside us, tore a fence, broke through a window and walked inside,” Animal Control officer Allen Fryman said.

The scum took the smallest animals, six dogs and 9 cats. Needless to say, staff at the shelter are worried about what’s going to happen to the animals.

“I just hope that they were not taken for bait for dog fighting,” Debbie Palmer, a volunteer with the shelter said. “We just can’t guess.”

The thieves also took thousands of dollars worth of much needed supplies; 50-60 bags of dog food, 10 bags of cat food, pet carriers, a digital camera and cases of pet wipes.

“The worst part is not knowing what they’re doing with the animals…not knowing where they are,” Fryman said.

A reward is being offered in the case. Anyone with information is asked to call Cynthiana police at 859-234-7157

Anyone who could do this is some of the worst scum of the earth! To me it’s like stealing from a church. Animal shelters usually operate of shoestring budgets and although I have written about many bad shelters and uncaring staff, most people who work at shelters care deeply about the animals in their care.

There may someone out there today bragging about getting away with this, someone showing off their booty or trying to dump these animals. Spread the word! There are people who know about this!

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