This 8-year-old, beautiful Australian Shepherd is caught in the middle between two owners.  Annie is a dog that belongs to Chuck Hoage.  Chuck had Annie for 7 years raising her from a puppy.  Annie and Chuck became separated on June 23, when the dog was startled by a loud noise and ran away from Chuck Hoage’s ranch in Arroyo Grande, California. 

After searching for Annie, Chuck reported her missing to the San Luis Obispo (SLO) County Animal Services.  It happens that someone found her by the side of a highway and took her to the SLO shelter.  After about a weeks stay in the shelter, Annie was adopted out to other people.  However, two days after that, the shelter called Chuck to come get Annie. They didn’t tell him about the mistake until he got there.  Oh, they notifed the new owners of the mistake, but that was the extent of it.  After that, the shelter and the county refused to help Chuck Hoage get his dog back.

What’s even worse is the new owners refuse to give her back.  They didn’t even have her for a whole week when they were informed of the mistake. 

When this issue was brought to the public by a local newspaper columnist and a radio talk-show host, Dave Congalton, the county was immediately pounded with angry letters and emails in support of Chuck Hoage.  It forced the issue on the county leaders to help return Chuck’s dog.  

Sad, right?  The current family that has Annie are adamant about not giving her back – citing their own personal reasons of loneliness and filling the void in their life.  But what about Chuck Hoage?  He did everything he could to find Annie.  Her reported her lost… he checked with the shelter…he went down to the shelter when they called him to pick up Annie.  It’s a crushing blow to Chuck.  He recently lost his wife and he has no children.  Annie is his only family.  It saddens me deeply that anyone would turn away from that. 

The county has contacted the family who adopted Annie and plans a sit down with them along with Chuck Hoage and other legislators to help resolve the issue.

There is Facebook Support page set up by Dave Congalton, a radio talk show host for News Talk 920 KVEC, San Luis Obispo, CA. 

He is asking for a letter writing campaign to the family holding onto Annie.  This is not an angry letter blast.  Your letters should be a positive appeal to the good people we know they are – to do the right thing and return Annie.  No anger.  No insults. It will only make these people go underground.  Shame is not the goal here.

Letters and cards should be addressed to “The People that have Annie” care of Adam Hill, Room D-430, County Government Center, San Luis Obispo, CA 93408.

Just this past Tuesday, Dave Congalton, helped organize a rally outside the County Government Center.  About 75 people and their dogs gathered to show their support for the return of Annie to Hoage.  Chuck Hoage’s supporters have vowed not to give up their vigil until Annie is reunited with Chuck.

In addition, Cloud Star, a San Luis Obispo-based dog treat company, has offered $1,000 to the family that has Annie, and another $1,000 to San Luis Obispo (SLO) County Animal Services shelter, if they return Annie.

Chuck Hoage is prepared to take legal action to get his dog back.  But nobody wants to do that.  So please, whoever you are, give Annie back to Chuck.  It might not feel like it now, but when you see Chuck and Annie together, as they should be, your heart will feel glad.  Trust me.

Return Annie Website. 

Send Annie Home Blogspot.  

Give Annie back to Chuck Hoage Facebook.

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