So often I get so many stories and requests to do stories and pass along information, much of it petitions and stuff that needs ‘action’ by you, that I decided to set up a companion site devoted to just those types of things so I’d like to announce ‘Action Alerts – For the Love of the Dog’.

This site will carry petitions, summaries of some stories here that really need people to move on them, recalls, etc. At this point, I don’t anticipate that it will be as busy as FTLTD, but you never know.

You can also sign-up to get updates whenever I post something to the site so you can keep up with these important stories in a timely manner as well as submit information to me that you think I need to tell people about.

So, take minute and pop over to ‘Action Alerts – For the Love of the Dog’ and look around. There’s not too much there yet but with your help, this site will be a great place to keep up with a lot of the important stuff that you can help with.

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