Delta Airlines is responsible for another heartbroken owner.  And this new lost dog report comes from none other than The Consumerist

Alisa and her husband are moving to Germany and taking their two dogs, Nala a German Shepherd mix, and a Beagle named Princess.  The dogs were booked on Delta Airlines from San Diego to Atlanta, then onto Frankfurt.  Just before being loaded onto the flight to Frankfurt, Nala became agitated.  Alisa was contacted by Delta in Atlanta asking to board the dogs at their dog kennel for the night and then be flown to Frankfurt the next day.  Delta Airlines also indicated that she would need a larger crate for Nala, at which Alisa agreed. The next day, Alisa called the International Cargo desk an hour before takeoff just to confirm her dogs were safely boarded.  That’s when she was told Nala escaped from her crate (the one supplied by the airline) and ran off.  The desk said the reason they didn’t inform her was that they didn’t have her phone number.

Alisa doesn’t believe Delta’s story.   Neither do I.

Didn’t have her number to call and tell her Nala was missing but they sure had it handy when they wanted to board her dogs overnight and put Nala in a bigger crate.  Who wants to bet with me that Nala was lost way before they called Alisa about boarding her dogs for the night and giving Nala a bigger crate.   Sounds like a story just to buy some time finding Nala. 

This is the same airline that lost Josiah Allen’s dog, Paco, initially offering only $200 dollars compensation as “lost baggage” (and to get lost).   Well, Delta did offer Alisa an “unspecified” compensation and announced they would be working with her to do everything they can to help her find Nala. 

Don’t hold your breath.

What Alisa needs is a concentrated effort from Atlanta rescue groups and volunteers to actively search for Nala.  Like what happened earlier this year in the search for Daisy.

Daisy broke free from Continental Airlines handlers during a layover at Newark Liberty Airport from Syracuse to San Diego.  The airline offered $1000 reward for Daisy’s whereabouts and cooperated fully with the owner and with Rescue Ink and a team of volunteers.   They searched the streets 24/7, in shifts, handing out flyers with Daisy’s picture talking to residents and business owners.  They were aided by a search and rescue team with their dogs to track Daisy’s trail.   Their team effort was followed by every TV Station and Newspaper in the NY/NJ area.  In addition, Continental flew Daisy’s owner back and forth several times, for free, from San Diego to Newark to join the search.  

After four weeks Daisy was located and reunited with her owner.  Daisy was being fed by someone that works at an area hotel.  They recognized Daisy as the lost dog when someone dropped off a flyer to the hotel.

This is what Alisa needs.  Dedicated volunteers to actively search for her dog.  It can be concerned citizens, the area rescue groups, and/or the local SPCA.  Do not rely on Delta Airlines alone.  Even though Continental took searching for Daisy seriously, I do not trust most airlines.  To them, your lost baggage is lost baggage.  Even your four-legged ones.

If you know of a rescue group in the Atlanta area that can help Alisa find Nala, please forward this onto them. 

I do not have Alisa’s contact information, but if there is a group out there that will organize a serious effort, I am sure The Consumerist might be able get Alisa to contact them.

But that doesn’t mean let Delta Airlines off the hook.  I’d be the biggest pain up their patookas.

UPDATE 12/28/2010:  Help Find Nala

UPDATE 12/30/2010:  The Latest in the Search for Nala

 UPDATE:  1/2/2011:  The Search for Nala Ends – Sadly

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