Angel - Dog burnedAnother dog burned in Nashville, TN, in the very same neighborhood where in June a dog was doused with gasoline and burned to death. Five boys ranging in age from 9-14 were arrested for that heinous crime.

Angel is a 5-month-old mixed breed German shepherd puppy. On Tuesday night her owner said she walked outside and suddenly saw Angel on fire.

“When I got out here he was blazing, and all you could smell was the hair in the skin,” said Angel’s owner.

The dog’s owner asked not to be identified and said the dog ran off. The owner found her pet Thursday morning shivering underneath a neighborhood bench. She called Metro animal control for help.

Officers said they believe Angel was burned with a torch.

“Someone had to hold the dog down long enough to do this. They held it to its ears and to its eyes long enough to curl the ears. It’s an ungodly, unthinkable act,” said Billy Biggs of Metro Animal Control.

“I’m probably going to have to take the little tips off because the tissue there is dead,” said veterinarian Dr. Dottie Diveley.

In June, a dog wandering in the same neighborhood was soaked with gasoline and burned alive. Five boys living a few houses down from Angel’s owner are charged with animal cruelty. Police said it is not clear if they are responsible for hurting Angel.

“This eye may kind of contract a little bit, but I think she will still be able to see,” said Diveley.

Three of the boys charged with burning the first dog wear ankle monitors. The devices use GPS to track their location.

Representatives from the district attorney’s office will be looking to see if they were in the area near Angel when she was hurt. (WSMV)

What kind of a sick thrill could someone possibly get out of torturing a defenseless and innocent animal!! The person(s) responsible need to be found and face the hot end of a torch themselves to see what they put that poor dog through!!

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