EllieThis time the dog was stolen from a Cape Coral yard where Chris Mynhier says he let Ellie, his 11-year-old whippet miniature greyhound, outside to use the restroom on Monday – just like he did everyday.

Except instead of the the little dog coming back in the house as usual, she was no where to be found. Chris search everywhere for her without luck.

The following day the story takes an unexpected twist when a neighbor visits Chris with some news.

The next day a neighbor came over and told Mynhier that she saw something strange take place the day before.

“She said a blue van screeched its tires and stopped. Two people ran out of the van, grabbed something out of the front yard here, and ran back into the van and they took off – fast,” said Mynhier.

“It just didn’t fall into place. It was hindsight. Something weird was going on and it was out of the norm,” said Joan Moses, Mynhier’s neighbor.

Whippets can cost up to $3,000 so Mynhier thinks the men who stole Ellie plan to sell her.

“It’s a tough thing to lose your dog that way. I’d almost rather put one to sleep because of old age, than have them snatched from you like that and not know where they are, if they’re ok or what’s happened,” he said.

Mynhier is offering a reward for the safe return of his dog – no questions asked.

Police are asking everyone to be on the lookout for the two male suspects – one was dressed in pajamas, the other was wearing shorts.

The escaped the scene in a blue van.

If you have any information about this case you are asked to call the Cape Coral Police Department. (NBC2)

This is the second story in a week about a dog stolen in Florida. The first story comes to us north of Cape Coral in Charlotte County where a little lab puppy was stolen out of it’s yard after being let out to potty.  The owner, a disable vet, could only watch in shock as his little dog was swiped practically right in front of him.

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