Last week when I posted about Chris Grant, 21 of Manhattan, NY, abusing a dog in an elevator and it was all caught on video,  it shocked and angered everyone, to put it mildly.  Now, if you can believe it, we have another case of a small dog being dragged, kicked and beaten, again in an elevator in Manhattan’s Grant House, and again caught on surveillance tape!  This time it’s 31-year-old Tiara Davis who was caught on video kicking and swinging a small leashed dog on January 10 just after 2 am.

Davis, described as 5’5″, 200-lb woman who works as a vocational counselor for ex-offenders, beat the little 4-year-old, 9-lb Pomeranian, Sparky, into unconsciousness after he went to the bathroom in the elevator.

“I kept telling him, ‘Sparky! Wait! Wait!” she said. “I became a little frustrated. It was never my intention to hurt him.”

Davis arrested and charged with torturing and injuring animals.

Sparky is recovering at the ASPCA hospital. No word if Davis will be allowed to have the little dog back, we can hope not but then again we’ve seen worse.

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What the hell is wrong with these sick people that they take out their anger and frustrations on these innocent little dogs, completely defenseless and at their mercy?  Two cases in a week makes you wonder how often something like this happens that isn’t caught.  What a scary thought!

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