Terrence G. Merritt, Latoya Grant

A little 6-month-old pitbull/mastiff puppy was the innocent victim when a domestic dispute got out of hand in Fairfax, VA. Terrence G. Merritt, 41, and Latoya Grant, 24, were arguing and Merritt threw the puppy out a second floor window of the King Louis Drive apartment.

Puppy Thrown From WindowThe puppy suffered a broken front paw in the fall and was taken by animal control for medical treatment. It will most likely be available for adoption soon.

Merritt and Grant were both arrested and charged with animal cruelty. They’ll be in court in October.

This is yet another case of domestic violence and animal abuse going hand in hand, an innocent victim paying the price. When you think about it, it could have just as easily been a child who was the victim. So for those of you who say “it was just a dog,” yes, in this case it was, but what about next time, or what about if there was a child there, who would have been the victim then? This is yet another reason why animal abuse needs to be prosecuted vigorously!!

The correlations between animal abuse and domestic and child abuse are well known and documented. Very often in cases of familial abuse, you also find animal abuse. This needs to be taken seriously. I don’t know how often this has to be pointed out for it to get through the thick skulls of those in law enforcement and our judicial system!! Animal abuse is not a joke or a game, it is often a precursor or in addition to violence against people. People who don’t think twice about hurting the most innocent and voiceless members of our society also often won’t think twice about hurting others, especially when they find out there is practically no punishment for their cruel behavior!

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