Toledo Ohio seems to be the center of the universe this month.  Just three weeks ago, a Toledo dog was kidnapped from his owner’s yard and shot.  Now we have another dog shooting in Toledo.  This time, by the dog’s owner and his “friend”. 

Arrested are the dog’s owner, Lawrence Mick, and his friend, Adam Collins.  Sarge sat in his kennel while the two shot at him.  Sarge survived the shooting with six 25-caliber bullets to his head and chest.  Witnesses described how the two men “took turns shooting the dog while it was in the cage and the dog was screaming.” 

Lawrence Mick told police that Sarge had bitten him and he thought the dog was vicious.  They were trying to move and reinforce the dog’s kennel, but Sarge became agitated – barking and trying to escape the kennel.  They stated they couldn’t calm him down. 

Lawrence Mick

Why was Sarge out of control?  Maybe it’s like this.  Neighbors report that Sarge was rarely let out of his kennel.  Nobody interacts with him, nobody plays with him.  He just sits in the kennel all day long.  When they did see him out, he tried to jump the fence to escape the yard.   Dogs are not lawn ornaments.  They need exercise, play, good food, love, and loving discipline (which is commonly referred to as training).  Like tethered dogs, dogs stuck in cages all day can become aggressive and skittish.   Sarge was reacting to stimulus he wasn’t used to.  So these two ignoramuses, Lawrence Mick and Adam Collins, decided the only remedy was to shoot him. 

With six 25-caliber bullets.

According to Mick’s girlfriend, Melinda Perry, he loved that dog.  She had no problems swearing on her mother’s grave that Mick loves his dog and is not an animal abuser.  But at the same time, showed news reporters the bite marks she claims are from Sarge, emphasizing it with “the dog deserved to be shot”. 

Adam Collins

Yeah, right.  I’ve never met an owner that loved their dog so much they grab a 25-caliber handgun and pump it with bullets.  

All three of them have an IQ one point above brain death. 

Both Mick and Collins were arraigned this past Monday in Toledo Municipal Court. Lawrence Mick is charged with cruelty to animals, discharging a firearm, inducing panic, obstructing official business, and having weapons after previously being convicted on drug charges.  He is to appear July 19 in Toledo Municipal Court. 

Adam Collins pleaded no contest and was found guilty of cruelty to animals, inducing panic, giving false information to a police officer, and discharging firearms. He was released on his recognizance; a hearing date is set for July 21 in Toledo Municipal Court.   Collins fled but was arrested shortly afterward. He initially tried to give a false social security number and later admitted to lying because he knew there were warrants against him.  By the way, Collins denies shooting the dog. 

Collins could face more than 18 months behind bars. Since Mick is accused of firing a gun while being a convicted felon, he could face six years and six months. 

Sarge received emergency veterinary care the night of the shooting. Five bullets entered his head and neck and a sixth bullet struck his chest.   He is on antibiotics and pain medicine and doing quite well for having been shot six times.  And he hasn’t shown any aggression towards the employees of the Lucas County Dog Pound.   Sarge could remain at the pound at least through the court proceedings. 

I certainly hope that doesn’t mean its possible Sarge could be returned to his POS owner.  I hope they petition the court for custody of that dog and put him up for adoption.  No way should this dog be returned to Lawrence Mick.  

Poor Sarge.  He doesn’t have a family like Tyson’s, who love him.  Owners that are doing everything they can to heal him.  Sarge doesn’t have a family that put up a support Facebook, or who are seeking justice for his assault.  Sarge only has a pen in the county dog pound, and… 

six 25-caliber bullets lodged in his body.

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