Seems there have been more and more puppy mill busts lately and I applaud each and every one of them but lament the fact that they exist at all and the busts even have to take place. The people who run these things are such low forms of life that I cannot even begin to describe. They must have no heart and it’s obvious they’re already sold their soul to the devil to be able to treat innocent and defenseless creatures with such wanton disregard for life!

This latest puppy miller piece of trash is Barry Davis of Eatonton, GA.

Acting on a complaint filed by a neighbor, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and the Georgia Department of Agriculture investigated.

“We inspected the premises and found a number of dogs in very bad condition,” the Sheriff Howard Sills said. “Some of the dogs were in cages that were stacked four high. … This is the first one of these things I’ve been to, and it was pretty graphic. I don’t know how to describe it.”

On top of the cruel conditions in which the dogs, mostly small breed such a dachshunds and poodles, Davis had not renewed his license not were the dogs up to date of their shots.

A total of 172 dogs, many is very poor health, were seized. Putnam County Animal Control shelter’s taken several of the dogs, and the rest were farmed out to animal rescue organizations across the area because of the sheer number of dogs. Some of the dogs that are in the most serious condition are with a Putnam County veterinarian and sadly, some of them will have to be euthanized.

Barry Davis has not yet been charged yet and although Sills declined to specify what charges Davis could be facing, he did say they could include animal cruelty charges, which would be a felony. Davis also faces violations of county ordinances for the license infractions.

Sills said people interested in adopting one of the dogs should contact Putnam County Animal Control at (706) 485-3970.

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