Dog suffered every day of its life This little dog, barely recognizable as such, is a 2 year old terrier mix. Unlike the ‘face of abuse’ I introduced you to yesterday, Lucky, this poor baby’s story doesn’t have a happy ending, unless you count a release from life happy.

This little guy is one of 120 dogs seized in an Australia hoarding case. Joseph and Margarete Higham have been charged and are being tried in absentia. In two raids, 70 of the 120 dogs had to be euthanized, another 70 were left at the residence, 15 have been rehomed and 3 are under vet care.

Vet, Dr Jillian Hall-Smith, gave evidence in court against the Highams. Speaking about this poor dog she was visibly emotional and how could anyone with even half a heart not be?

“It would not have been pleasant to have horrible back bones sticking out and a big pot belly full of worms,” she said.

“It’s distressing for the dog and it’s unacceptable for a dog owner.

“I can say, being reasonably definite, he would have suffered his whole life.”

Becoming visibly emotional, Dr Hall-Smith said it was difficult to care for the dog, which eventually had to be put down.

“It looked to me as if he had never received proper nourishment and had never developed properly,” she said.

“He certainly never reached the full potential nature had given him.

“We made him as comfortable as we could, but it was never going to be easy to make him better.” (Adelaide Now)

How can anyone look into a suffering dog’s eyes and just continue to let it suffer? Just seeing the picture of this baby brought me to tears!  It breaks my heart than anyone could leave an animal to suffer to, and not just leave it to suffer, to be the instrument of its suffering.

People who can do this… well, they’re not human and I hope to God they are consigned to the lowest depths of hell… soon!

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