There may be another attempt to bring the Johnson Twins back to trial.  Baltimore prosecutors are holding a series of meetings to determine whether to retry the animal cruelty case against twin brothers Travers and Tremayne Johnson, which ended in mistrial.  If the case is retried, it won’t be immediate. A May 4 date has been set aside at the city courthouse in case prosecutors decide to retry the case.

UPDATE 2/11/2011: Baltimore’s state’s attorney announced that the twin brothers accused of setting a pit bull on fire in 2009 will be retried.  The new trial is scheduled for May 4 2011.  YES!

After the trial, the judge issued gag order in the case that prevents prosecutors and police from discussing any future plans.  We won’t know anything until the prosecutors make a formal announcement on the decision.

Now is our chance. Your polite requests for a retrial can be sent here:

Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City
208 Mitchell Courthouse
110 North Calvert Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Phone: (443) 984-1121


Call, email, or write.  These two need to be retried for their horrendous acts of cruelty on another living being.  One of them has already moved up the food chain by shooting at two other people.

They are 19 years old.  They are not children.  They were not children when they poured flammable liquid on Phoenix and lit her afire.  They need to be put away.  Far, far away.

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