Pfc. Adrian Garcia with service dog, MoukiePfc. Adrian Garcia, 19, and Army veteran who lost both of his legs after a rocket propelled grenade hit his Humvee in March, is being told by Army officials that he can’t keep his service dog, Moukie, with him while he recovers at Fisher House.

“In crowds, she will help me with balance and with overall demeanor,” he said. “She is always there to love me,” and added that she’s better for him than any dose of medicine.

It seems that Fisher House is off limits to dogs but Garcia is asking the Army to make an exception for Moukie who is a trained service dog.

If the Army disallows him to keep Moukie with him, Garcia may be forced to leave Fisher house, regardless how beneficial it is to him and his family and his recovery.

Garcia and his family were scheduled to meet with officials Monday to discuss the situation and in the meantime family members are taking care of his beloved service dog and companion, Moukie.

Maybe the Army doesn’t have to abide by Federal laws but I was under the impression that service dogs were allowed, by law, anywhere their owners could go.  Case after case has been upheld by the courts in favor of service animals and their owners.

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