This here is Heather O’Kelley, the *friend* of the Fort Bliss family who trusted her with Sadie.   Heather O’Kelley was arrested on charges of animal cruelty on February 3rd.  When these idiots are caught, I can tell you verbatim what they say.  And O’Kelley sung the age, old tune.  “I’m innocent.  Sadie wasn’t my dog.  I never agreed to take care of Sadie.  The owners are pinning the crime on me.”

Whine Whine Whine.

I always get suspicious when people immediately get on camera and swear to the heavens above they did nothing wrong. “I was framed!”  99.9999999 percent of the time, it will bite them in the backside. 

According to O’Kelley, Kate and Danny Snow asked if she could take Sadie but said no way because of all the stuff she had going on back home.  O’Kelley said she left El Paso for the holidays and when she came back, she found a dog that looked like Sadie at her front door. She said the dog didn’t have tags. 

She brought the dog in her house, gave her a little food and water, and called the pound.  Next thing she knows, the cops call her at 8 in the morning and say “Turn yourself in, we have a warrant.”  She states she had no idea it was Sadie.  But coincidentally, it was. 

And of course, it’s all her friends fault.   It’s always someone else’s fault.   The Snow’s say they had nothing to do with Sadie’s abandonment and O’Kelley says they’re pinning the crime on her.  A lot of finger pointing going on here. 

Somebody abandoned this dog to the point of starvation.  And hopefully the guilty party will pay. 

It just doesn’t stop, does it.  People continue to adopt animals without thinking ahead about the real commitment they promise to these animals.  It’s food, water, love, a warm bed, love, medical care, more love, exercise, more love…it’s not rocket science.  You don’t need a PhD to care for an animal. 

Heather O’Kelley thinks the charges against her are “bull”.   Uh…that’s a real clever analysis of the trouble you’re in, Heather.  It’s pretty obvious you fell off the Stupid Tree and hit every branch on the way down. 

Sadie is doing very well.  She’s gained weight and is a happy girl now as you can see.  But she is only one dog out of hundreds of others that are not so lucky.  It’s the ones that belong to the all the others that live in the Stupid Tree.

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