What an idea!! I couldn’t applaud New South Wales MP Clover Moore any more if I tried! Her aim is to end the atrocious puppy mills and back yard breeders where “animals were often kept in appalling conditions where they are forced to breed until they cannot breed anymore, before being killed.”

INDEPENDENT New South Wales MP Clover Moore has introduced legislation in State Parliament that would outlaw the selling of cats and dogs in pet shops.

Ms Moore said her Animals (Regulation of Sale) Bill, introduced into the Legislative Assembly today, would result in more responsible methods of buying pets from registered breeders, pounds and vets.

She said this would help prevent the impulse buying of pets and end backyard breeders and puppy farms.

“Australia has the highest rate of pet ownership in the world and pets play an important role in our society,” Ms Moore said.

“Most people don’t know that more than 60,000 pets are put down each year in NSW … many pets were abandoned because they were bought on impulse as cute puppies and kittens displayed in shops, but had unanticipated costs and responsibilities, or were unwanted gifts.”

Ms Moore said pet shops promoted this impulse buying and irresponsible breeding for profit, and led to the backyard breeding and puppy farms.

She said animals were often kept in appalling conditions where they are forced to breed until they cannot breed anymore, before being killed.

Pet stores would still be able to sell food, accessories and animals such as birds and fish under the proposal.

“Impulse buying is acceptable for handbags or shoes, but pet shops sell live creatures such as puppies and kittens, which need ongoing care and attention,” Ms Moore said.

The bill has the support of the Human Society and animal groups including the RSPCA and Animal Liberation.

“If the sale of pets were banned from pet shops the thousands of animals dying in pounds every year could be saved,” Humane Society director Verna Simpson said. (Herald Sun)

Now why can’t we do something like this here in the US.  There are so many animals that so desperately need homes and plenty of reputable breeders whose goal is to further the breed by responsible breeding methods rather than just indiscriminate overbreeding .

Time and again I have written about the horrors of puppy mills.  This would be an effective want to end the neglect and abuse.  Do we really need a half million new puppies dumped into the system every year, many who die due to poor breeding and neglect of unethical breeders whose only care id how much money they can make?

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