Take a look at this dog.  Anyone care to chance a guess at what breed she is?  She was taken to Brooklyn ACC (Animal Care and Control) New York on February 7, 2011.  The reason was not clearly stated on her intake records.  Marked as a stray and surrendered because of cruelty.   This is a dog in severe mental and physical distress.  Her condition is a result of years of neglect.  Still not sure of the breed?

A Samoyed.

This injured, dirty, depressed dog is a Samoyed.  How the hell did she arrive in this state of neglect?   Not loose on the streets.  She was microchipped and the chip identified the owner.  And no one reported a lost Sam.  At least not to Brooklyn ACC.

A healthy Samoyed

Brooklyn ACC did not contact the owner.  They contacted the ASPCA to have them evaluate her case for cruelty and neglect.  Yeah, well, the ASPCA…The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals…declined to further investigate this case and as a result of their indifference, this Sam (referred to as “Baby”) was picked up by her owner a week later.

Baby’s condition came to the attention of independent animal rescuers, and a Samoyed Rescue who was willing to pull her from Brooklyn ACC.   Everything was in motion to get Baby to a rescue and proper veterinary care.  But the authorities decided not to pursue cruelty charges.  And since the owners were identified and the authorities were not willing to press cruelty and neglect charges, then by law, Baby had to be returned to the owners.  That sucks.

Well the rescuers are not satisfied in this decision and have started a campaign to get Baby rescued from her neglectful owners and get the ASPCA to reopen their investigation.  At the Justice for Baby website, you can find all the information on Baby as well as statements from a veterinarian, an Animal Control officer, and a Samoyed Rescue organization.   Just check out the Veterinarian Statement:

This is certainly a neglected dog regardless of breed. Since she is a Samoyed, it is worse as the coat should be white. Baby appears depressed given her posture in the picture; her head, ears and tail are down and she is not looking at the picture taker. Baby’s coat is in appalling condition which can lead to dermatitis and general discomfort. The matting takes away from the insulation factor of the undercoat so she would be colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. The poor coat condition can also lead to fly larvae (maggot) infestation come warmer weather. This is often a fatal condition as it happens rapidly in older, neglected outdoor dogs. Baby also appears to have a mandibular (jaw) mass. She has a red lesion on her nose which appears to be caused by rubbing her head and nose on something. You can see white along the top of her muzzle and head. The matting and filth constitute years of neglect.

I just read the medical which adds to my take that this has been years of neglect. My entire evaluation was from the picture. Bilateral otitis, infected wounds and periodontal disease scream of long term neglect. Otitis is painful. Come summer, Baby would quickly become maggot infested with her infected wounds which were a result of the severity of matting.

Here is another interesting fact from Baby’s intake records that are posted at the website, and confirmed to me by the web page owner:

Baby was originally adopted from the Brooklyn ACC.  The current microchip was implanted by the ACC and links back to her records from when she was previously in the shelter.  How long ago that was has not been disclosed.  One of their own dogs, adopted out, returned in this deplorable condition.

And the ASPCA deemed cruelty charges were not necessary.  The Justice For Baby website states “This is an injustice.”

No, It’s a crime!    Baby did not decline this way overnight, this was years of neglect.  I am sure the owners are fashioning up every single excuse in the book for this shit.

If the ASPCA can hawk Pet Insurance and a Visa card, send us these pleading requests for contributions in the mail, then we have every right to demand them to get off their duffs and reopen this investigation, seize this dog and get her in a proper rescue with veterinary care.  Because who do they ask to pay their salaries?  They ask us!

And I say, make ‘em work for their money.  So let ‘em hear about it.  To contact the ASPCA:




Call their cruelty line @ 212-876-7700 X 4450

Call the business line between 9&5pm @ 212-876-7700 and ask to speak to a supervisor.

Call their membership line @ 800-628-0028 and tell them not one red cent of your money will be donated to them.  Money talks.

Pass along the Justice for Baby website:  www.justiceforbaby.org

Join the Justice for Baby Facebook group and show them your support.

Sign the Petition!  Justice for Baby Petition

The ACO Statement at Justice for Baby says one thing quite well. “Failing one animal is one fail too many.”  The ASPCA certainly excels at Fail.

Congratulations ASPCA!  You are now the new PETA.

This is not the first animal the ASPCA failed to help.  Here at the Gothamist is a story about another neglected dog that was returned to their owner by the ASPCA.  And who could forget their most famous failure – Oreo.

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