Turtle-bait dogThis sweet little pitbull girl was found curled in a ball, covered in scars and open wounds, whimpering and shivering beside a wooded area next to Smithfield Road near Turtle Park Parkway. She had makeshift sutures where someone had attempted to close wounds and her ears where close cropped. Lieutenant Alan Borgal, director of the Center for Animal Protection said that she was used as a “bait dog” because of the types and severity of her wounds as well as the fact that she’s shown no evidence of aggression.

“Turtle” as she’s been named, was hypothermic and also had a high fever and was covered in fleas. She being treated at Tufts Veterinary Hospital in Walpole, where her wounds were cleaned and she was treated with antibiotics and fluids.

“I’ve been working in this business for 35 years, and I’m just shocked that this dog was dumped to die,” Borgal said.

“I don’t think she would have survived even a few more hours if she hadn’t been found,” said Animal Rescue League spokeswoman Jennifer Wooliscroft.

“She was scared, sore, and cold,” Debby Vogel of the Animal Rescue League of Boston said. “You could see in her eyes that she was in pain.”

After Turtle is finished with treatment, she will be transfered to the Animal Rescue League where she will work with behavioral veterinarians and must be quarantined for six months because of her bite wounds.

Turtle is one of the lucky ones. Tossed away like trash, she was rescued and will be cared and loved and have a second chance. Most fighting and bait dogs are not so lucky. They only only lives of hell and cold, lonely painful deaths.

This innocent little girl is just one more reason, an example why we much push for harsh laws when is comes to dogfighting and serious sentences! Again and again we see sentences handed down around 18 months to two years for federal convictions of conspiracy to violate federal animal fighting laws. Seldom are they ever charged, let alone convicted of, animal abuse!

In essence, these scum who are convicted, like Michael Vick, are not paying for their crimes of animal cruelty; in one case “court showed that the men had the dogs electrocuted or shot for poor performance or serious injuries from the fighting ring, or left them to freeze to death while chained to a stake in the ground without shelter.”

These sentences are just a slap on the wrist considering the heinous viciousness and cruelty of their crimes!

Below is a petition asking governors to take the crime of dogfighting more seriously.  Please take a moment to sign and share this.  We must also contact the ‘powers that be” when we hear of these case to prosecute more rigorously, including handing down felony animal cruelty charges, and sentence according.  No more slaps on the wrist for these scum who take amusement from this vicious “bloodsport,” who get their thrills from the pain, suffering and deaths of innocents who have no choice!


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