Dogs bark, it is as you might say ‘the nature of the beast.’ But having two dogs even I have to admit that it is annoying when people let their dogs bark excessively at any time of the day or nite. Luckily I live in a relatively nice and quiet neighborhood with mostly well behaved dogs. But for those who don’t, you may have some recourse, at least in MI.

The next time your dog barks in Van Buren County, it could cost you up to $500 or 90-days in jail.

Van Buren County commissioners are considering adopting an ordinance forbidding the howling, barking or yelping of dogs for longer than five minutes from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. or for 15 minutes during the day.

The proposed ordinance is reportedly in response to barking-dog complaints in Pine Grove Township.

The county passed an animal-control ordinance in 2003, that included a section on barking dogs. However, a judge ruled that it was not a state statute. Van Buren County rules on state statutes. County sheriff Dale Gribler also felt the 2003 ordinance was not specific enough.

Commissioners will most likely take the ordinance up at their July 24 meeting. (WWMT)

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