Please see bottom for continued updates on this.  Baron isn’t going home! 🙁

Great news here folks! The custody hearing of Baron the Collie took place and Judge John E. Jones III authorized a settlement in Miles Thomas’ favor.

miles_thomas_victoryThomas would have co-custody of the dog with Steve Conklin of Lewisberry (with whom Thomas has been staying since August) for six months with monitoring by the Harrisburg Humane Society. If all goes well at the end of six months, Miles Thomas will have full ownership of the dog.

During the hearing, Miles Thomas testified at how he was pressured by the HHS and their Canine Officer, William Sandstrom.   They held a $750 fine and 90 days in jail over his head if he did not sign over Baron to the Humane Society.  When it was time for the HHS to take their turn at testimony, the Judge ordered Humane Society Executive Director Amy Kaunas and her attorney into his chambers.

I can only speculate that the Judge read them the riot act over this seizure and the failure to work on any settlement.  He mentioned this was a Fourth Amendment Property Rights issue, which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures.   Testimony revolved around why Baron was taken and the steps Miles Thomas took to change his life just for the love of his dog.   Congratulations on the victory Mr. Thomas!  There were a lot of people hoping for this decision.  The right decision.

The Harrisburg Humane Society is dead.  They lost all their support and donations from the community over this case.  It’s a shame it came this far.  There was no reason for that.  If it was up to me, I’d see to it a few HHS salaries are sacrificed in order to pay the legal fees.

And I really hope they don’t pull any crap over the next six months with accusatory actions on how Baron is being cared for.   Miles Thomas has the homeowner, Mr. Conklin, helping to oversee his care.  Yeah, it’s easy to push around a poor, homeless man without any “witnesses”.  Great job there Harrisburg Humane Society, you just got your buns handed to you on a platter.


Thanks  Andrea! I tell you my friends, when I go this new, I was ecstatic!  Mr. Thomas and his lawyer along with the help of some caring people, did everything they could possibly do, covered every base there was but it still wasn’t good enough for the HHS.  They wouldn’t be satisfied until they took everything but we can be thankful for a Judge with common sense and perhaps even compassion.  Now Baropn will be going home to Mr. Thomas where he belongs and never should have benn removed from in the first place.

I hope there is a civil action filed.  Someone needs to make a point with the HHS that just because you can, doesn’t meant you should.  Power is not something you abuse.  The HHS in the past has been warning about unsatisfactory conditions at the shelter and yet they think they can provide better than a loving pet parent.  Just incredible! Some people need to be removed form their postitions and learn a serious lesson!

Mr. Thomas, I’m so happy for you and Baron.  Kudos to your wonderful friends and team that stood beside and made sure that in the end, justice was done!

See all the background on Miles Thomas and Baron;

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