Update 11/5/09 – The Harrisburg In-Humane Society, a Prison for Baron the Collie… and Worse

Baron will not be returning to Miles Thomas after all.  There seems to be a little problem with the foster care agreement between the Harrisburg Humane Society and Steve Conklin, the man who is providing Miles Thomas a home and will be co-fostering Baron.


Both sides are deadlocked over the terms the HHS put in the foster care agreement.  Apparently, Steve Conklin is reluctant to sign this agreement because it gives the Humane Society inspectors unfettered access to his York County farm and demands he assume legal liability for those inspectors while they were on his property.

Would anyone care to guess why he doesn’t want to sign?

Unfettered access pretty much means at the whim of the HHS, any day, any time, any condition, no restrictions.    In other words, they could show up unannounced at 11 at night demanding time to make their inspections.     And if Conklin must assume legal liability, it means they could show up at 11 at night, step out of their car, stub their toe, fall, and have grounds to sue Steve Conklin.  No one in their right minds would ever sign an agreement like that.   No lawyer would ever advise their client to sign an agreement like that.

Color me surprised.  This is just the sort of stunt the HHS would pull.  They’re pulling every trick in the book to short-circuit the decision to return Baron to Miles Thomas.   Talk about vindictive.

That’s not all.  I’ve been reading through all the comments posted to the PennLive articles on this battle.  Some have been quite revealing from the username satomsacer.  Here is part of one of his posts:

This so-called “fostering” agreement, in my humble opinion, is no more than a set-up; to, not only gain unfettered access to my property for the expressed purpose of finding something, anything, (i.e. make one up if need be) by which to subsequently and ultimately deny Miles his beloved Baron, but to, create, by whatever means necessary, such an impression by which to obtain this goal. This, is quickly illustrated by the mere coincidence concurrent with this so-called tentative “fostering” agreement reached on October 8th, to which, i was not a party to, nor, harboured any prior knowledge of, as, i was unfortunately out of town at that time. The following day, (October 9th) a letter was sent to me (coincidentally? i think not) by a Dog warden from Dillsburg, who, upon information and belief, is closely-associated with the adverse parties, that, stated a “complaint” had been lodged against me for my dog running loose, and, that i may be subject to a $500 fine and other consequences, and, that i needed to submit whatever paperwork they were seeking, immediately. Problem here is, i do not own a dog. My beloved dog, Buster, died three years ago at the age of 18. A subsequent call to this Warden, revealed a arrogant man, who, plans on running “surveillance” of my property so he can “catch me”. I suspect he plans on hiding in the bushes, (which would inevitably require him to be on my property) to which, he is about to be constructively advised, i will consider his doing so, defiant criminal trespass.

Posted on Legal battle over dog between Harrisburg Humane Society, formerly homeless man heads back to federal judge on October 17, 2009

A complaint against him about some phantom dog? How timely. And the letter he received is most likely on somebody’s official letterhead.

I have no idea or any way to verify who this commenter is, nor do I dare speculate, but: Dear Satomsacer, this is harassment. File charges! Find out who made that *complaint*. You probably won’t be surprised at the source.

If these are games by the HHS, they are clearly unfit to monitor the progress of Baron living with his owner, Miles Thomas. Monitoring this foster agreement and all visits should be transferred to another county agency. Find another group that will be more objective.

If you are interested in reading all the comments by this user, please click here. They’re very interesting.


Amy Kaunas, you are a sore loser.   If the Harrisburg Humane Society disbands for whatever reason, they have you to thank.

See all the background on Miles Thomas and Baron;

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