Benton County Mayor, Jummy Wiseman In a case that began only a week ago Friday after the discovery of a dozen dead dogs and deplorable conditions at Benton County Animal Shelter including euthanization of 25 puppies due to parvo and malnutrition, arrests have been made and charges of animal cruelty leveled.

An investigation by Camden Police Chief George Smith led to the arrest of Benton County Mayor Jim Wiseman and two county employees, Jacqueline Boyett and Gilbert Jourdan III. Wiseman was charges with one count of animal cruelty and Boyett and Jourdan with four counts each.

The arrests follow several protests by Benton County citizens and animal activists who claim that Wiseman knew there were problems at the shelter and did nothing about it. Protesters have been circulating a petition of have Mayor Wiseman removed from office.

Wiseman who said he visited the shelter on a weekly basis and never saw any problems claims he has done nothing wrong.

Elizabeth Paschall, the veterinarian who examined the animals, said she felt the animals had been neglected.

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